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May 9, 2009 06:51 PM

El Cazador...Las Vegas

I've been meaning to post about this Mexican place on Lake Mead just east of Las Vegas Blvd for awhile...I've been eating lunch there a lot on Friday's when I work in that neighborhood....

Its not my favorite Mexican in North Las Vegas, that designation goes to Los Molcajetes (thanks for the tips, hounds!) which is actually a lot closer to Lake Mead than I realized...I just had to figure out that Civic Center becomes Eastern as you head South. Unfortunately, Los Molcajetes is cash only...and sometimes I forget, and as there aren't any ATMs I trust in the neighborhood...El Cazador is a good fall-back.

They advertise as a seafood place, but they have a large menu. And margaritas, while I think Los Molcajetes is beer only. Of course, I don't drink at lunchtime, so I've never tasted them. I particularly enjoy some of their specials. Yesterday El Cazador was advertising a "May Special" of two shrimp tacos and caldo de cameron for about 8 bucks. The shrimp tacos were similar to a fish taco (breaded, fried shrimp, cabbage, cilantro, onion, salsa) and were quite tasty....a large slice of ripe avocado was on each taco: a nice bonus. But the soup was the standout: a cup-sized bowl of soup with about eight medium size shrimp crammed the usual vegetables and a very tasty broth. The meal came with a nice serving of arroz blanco, and some of El Cazador's addicting homemade chips and salsa. It made a great lunch.

El Cazador seems to be popular with local business people and those who work in the nearby North Las Vegas municipal buildings. The people-watching is always interesting...I say check it out.

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  1. If lunch is ever going to be at the desk when you are working in that neighborhood, or you want to take dinner home, just a couple of blocks south of Los Molcajetes on Eastern is El Pollo Real, for some of the best grilled chicken I have found in Las Vegas. Not much of a dine-in atmosphere (it would seem that most of their business is carry-out), but the food hits the mark.

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      hey, thanks for the tip! We drove by that place the other day and I wondered "is it any good???"

      I NEVER eat lunch at my desk (all the staff leaves and we lock the building...) but I'm always interested in takeout nearby....again, Thanks!

      1. re: janetofreno

        There are several tables inside, but most days there are no settings or menus on any of them. Nor customers (they are more likely to be found sitting at the counter on bar stools). It is an odd atmosphere, but if lunch is only about the food then it might be fine.

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          While picking up a carry-out order today I was finally able to figure out the El Pollo Real dine-in flow - it is counter service only, and if you wish to eat there they will bring the food out on a tray, with plastic utensils. No frills necessary for the quality of the product. Have only done chicken so far, but the ribs ("costilla", since the menu is only written in Spanish) are on the agenda sometime soon.