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May 9, 2009 06:40 PM

Help: Need a backup for Teatro Goldoni

I'm visiting a friend in DC in late May for a weekend. She being an uber organizer made reservations for the Chef's Table (for 6) at Teatro Goldoni as well as the minibar, so I figured both of our dinners were set.

Anyway, she just got a call from Teatro who said without apology that they were bumping us because industry people (read: More important people than us) needed the Chef's Table that night. The reservationist tried to get us to switch to Friday (which was impossible because I would be on a plane) and sounding quite put upon, grudgingly offered to serve us the Chef's Table menu in the main room. At this point, my friend no longer wants to spend any money at Teatro, so I need to come up with an alternative.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of Komi. (I would be just as happy eating crabs on newspaper, but I get the feeling that the other more well-heeled members of the party want to splurge.) If it helps at all, in SF Bay Area my favorite restaurants of that caliber are Coi and Manresa.

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  1. Frankly, I don't think Teatro Goldoni is nearly the caliber that you are expecting. If you are looking for Italian, I enjoy Tosca but the environment can be a bit sterile. Komi is a phenomenal choice, easily the best restaurant in DC. CityZen is also a good alternative.

    Other noteworthy restaurants include 1789, Equinox, and Oval Room.

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    1. re: foreverfoodie79

      I have formed the view that Teatro Goldoni is low caliber. But canceling a longstanding reservation manages to exceed even my low expectations of the place.

      I have had a wonderful experience eating at the Chef's table at Tosca.

    2. Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria, VA and Black Salt. Eve has a special room, and I believe Black Salt has a special table.

      1. I would definitely vote Komi, except I think they don't take reservations for groups larger than 4. Cityzen would be a good alternative. I don't think Rest. Eve (tasting room) is quite as good, but others hold it in very high regard.

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          Komi definitely does not accept reservations for groups larger than four people...that may seem weird, but they have their reasons, and, once you've dined there, those reasons make a lot of sense.

          I rank Komi and CityZen equally in terms of the quality of the dining experience. They're just very different experiences. I think your group would be very happy at CityZen.

        2. Thanks everybody for the suggestions! Also, I had a total brainfart while writing this post and failed to edit in time, but we're actually a party of four so Komi looks like a frontrunner.

          I'll send the candidates out for a vote and promise to write a brief followup.

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          1. re: sfbing

            I would call Komi immediately. It's a small restaurant and they book up well in advance. It may already be too late to get a reservation for a weekend date in late May.

          2. The original comment has been removed