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Yes, I know it is Mother's Day.... But Please DON'T take me to Brunch/Dinner!

ok. I admit it, I hate doing the traditional Mother's Day routine of Brunch, or Dinner! I am tired of crowded restaurants, tired and stressed waitstaff, overpriced brunches, hastily prepared and sub-par dinners. You see the trend.

I know I am not alone in this.... Stand up and be counted!! Tell me your Moms Day Nightmare stories... I know you are out there.

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  1. Good on you gryphon! Testify!! I'm having Mom over our house for french toast w/ my homemade buttermilk bread, some fresh strawbs in a sweet wine reduction, and mini omelettes. I HATE going to restaurants on Holidaze! Strictly amateur. adam

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      Hi adamshoe: I was wondering if you would be so kind and post your buttermilk bread recipe to the Home Cooking page. PLEASE! Thank you.

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        It's not my recipe, but if you go to Ask.com and type in buttermilk bread, you should hit it. It 's on some guy named Millard's homepage. Look for a .mac web address. If you can't find it , I will try to post the recipe. I made a few changes to the recipe, but nothing extreme- used instant yeast and dried buttermilk, so had to adjust the liquids.
        A great recipe.. adam

    2. It was a couple of years ago. Mom said we didn't need reservations for dim sum in this C-town restaurant because her friend worked there and would get us (12) in. There was a mob waiting and yelling in front. I was on the sidewalk w/ kids and babies whining all about and w/ night-before garbage fumes wafting into my nose, and thought, never again. And indeed, never again has she see me on M-day, especially at a restaurant. Other arrangements are made...

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        I hear you with the screaming kids.... reason #3 for not going out to restros on Moms Day!! UGH!!!

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          Kids..awful ! Without those blasted mothers there would be no children. Yeah..so childless people should definately stay home on mom's day. There will be a ton o' kids. You can have your couples brunch any other weekend.
          P.S. I'm no fan of going out on mother's day either, but I don't begrudge people for bringing out their children because of the nature of the holiday.

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              Perhaps you misunderstood, I do not care to dine with poorly behaved children... a la "Lord of the Flies" in a relaxed public setting. Maybe it was the way I was raised.

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                I was raised to not dine with poorly behaved adults. They exist as well. And pompous adults as well. Call ahead and the restaraunt will be glad to screen the floor for you for Lord of the Flies scenarios so you won't have be bothered in your relaxed (on mother's day? ) setting.
                P.S. It's funny you say you were raised to not dine with poorly behaved children. Who is raised that way ? I'd like to hear that conversation. I have a 2 year old boy..and it's a chore to take him out..so I limit going to restaraunts. But he is 2..and I generally have to stay outside with him until the food arrives..and then wolf my food down when it does come, so I can attend to him and make sure he behaves, so people like you will not look at him askance. I can't help it if my father in law makes me take him out on Mother's Day. Or if I go for a free meal at Fridays at lunch to avoid upsetting the dinner crowd. He does not behave that poorly but he is unpredictable, being a 2 year old boy.
                My only point is...for one day..Mother's day..give it a rest..It's family day

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                  Actually your "clarification" has only reinforced my initial impression.

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                    gryphonskeeper didn't say that kids shouldn't be part of Mother's Day. she only said that she prefers not to be part of the dining out scene on that day.

                    btw, discussion of kids behavior in restaurants is a forbidden topic on this board (because it obviously is a hot button topic).

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                      And then there are those threads on children who run through restaurants while smoking, carrying scissors! Man, those threads are smoking hot... ;-D>

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                        I just about spit fresca out of my nose on that one... LOL

          1. I may possibly be brain-damaged for deciding to invite my tribe of in-laws over for Mother's Day dinner (long, twisted, contentious story!); we'll see how that enhances my day. But I will do anything, anything, anything to escape a Mother's Day brunch. There aren't enough mimosas on the planet.


            1. lol We went last night. Relaxed evening out with good food and very good service. No Mother's Day meals out (or VD or New Year's Eve for that matter) for me - ever.

              1. In the past I would run screaming from the idea of eating out for Mother's Day. But this year I would give anything to be able to do it. My mom has become bedridden. The allure of breakfast in bed doesn't appeal. I make all her meals and they are all special. Just be careful what you wish for because someday you will really long to be stuck waiting subpar food that you would be willing to pay any price for as it is cheap in comparison.

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                  Boxer, my dad is bedridden in end stage renal cancer, so I can really understand where you come from. But I am speaking as a mom who has just had it up to my eyeballs in bad experiences on Moms Day and Valentines Day... I would rather eat take out, then be taken out.

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                    Yup, we ordered in when my in-laws came for dinner last night. Nothing special either - just Canadian staple rotisserie chicken chain, Swiss Chalet. But I did not have to cook (hosted a party the night before so REALLY didn't want to host again), and neither did my mother-in-law.

                2. Years ago, one of the Philadelphia restaurant critics wrote a book called "Never Eat Out On Mother's Day", and it's become a mantra at our house. I always cooked for my darling late MIL, and for my own mom, when she was alive, as well. It's like Valentine's Day and NY Eve, amateur's night/morning. These days, you even have to be selective about where one eats on March 17 and the nearest weekend, ditto May 5, July 14 and October 31, although many of those factor in alcohol much more than the first ones I mentioned. Don't get me wrong, I can knock back a few any time, but a whole room full of celebratory drinking just isn't my idea of a good time.

                  1. Nice being a member of a country club with an outstanding chef and crew. Makes MD brunch a nice time with great food and service and not overcrowded. Enjoy the time with Mom and don't complain to much, would like to take mine today but she passed away two months ago.

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                      Yep, that's what we do. I get taken out to the club -- it's very civilized and quite good. It's nice to go and see all the children with their best clothes and manners on.

                    2. Of the 3 moms my husband and I had only one is left and she's out of town this year. First time EVER I haven't had (usually hosted) a Mother's Day celebration. When my kids were young they took me to McDonald's for Mother's Day breakfast. (Grandpa slid them a little dough.) It was very cute and sweet. This year, I suppose because things are so different now, my adult daughter invited me out for Mother's Day breakfast again. When asked where I wanted to go I immediately said "McDonald's, of course!"
                      I'm no food snob but haven't seen the inside of a McD in a long time. We went, had hotcakes and coffee. I am such a sentimental musher that I almost cried as we sat there together talking.
                      It was very special to me.

                      All of that said, I generally hate to go out on Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc because I'd much rather entertain than wait in line for a crowded restaurant meal.

                      I agree with the sentiment of those who said that they miss doing it with their moms. It'd be a nice problem to have again. :) I took the OP to mean that as the "Mother of the Day", she'd prefer something different, not that she wouldn't do it for another Mom if that's what they wanted.

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                        Agree with all the thoughtful posts here. Mother's Day is traditionally the biggest restaurant day of the year. Just like Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest grocery shopping day of the year. I feel so lucky to be a good cook.

                      2. I never eat out on : mother's day, father's day or Valentine's day.

                        It's even worse to be a server in a restaurant on such days. It's busy and people demand everything as they want mom's day perfect. If something goes wrong, you ruined it.

                        1. Yeah, I think brunch (especially those awful buffets, which is what most people, most restaurants mean) is a bad idea in general and effing crazy on Mother's Day.

                          My dh & son took me to a supposedly very nice brunch place last year for M Day & while we didn't die of food poisoning, our digestive systems were not as happy and smooth-functioning as they could have been. It was all plenty *fancy*, but it had been left out too long, touched by other people, etc. - the perfect environment for picking up bacteria and sure enough.... yeah. I told them thanks for the thought, but NEVER again.

                          So this year we had nice food at home. We go out to eat often, so missing it today isn't anywhere near being a disappointment. I do think it's a shame that M Day brunch is such slop because (from what I can tell) many of those customers *don't* eat out that often and then when they do, it's a nasty experience all the way around - for the customers, for the moms, for those trying to host their moms, for the servers.

                          1. Because I am the chief cook and bottle-washer at home I prefer my family to cook for me on MD. This year my birthday is on Mothers Day and my lads were planning on making breakfast for me. I, however, have been reading all the CH posts about donuts and suggested that we might all head into town for coffee and pastries. Of course, the boys jumped all over that because we never normally eat them. Needless to say, we had a great time, the kids think I'm the greatest Mum in the world for feeding them chocolate and sugar for breakfast and even my SO commented (many times) on what fun it was. We've decided this our new birthday breakfast tradition and are actively planning the next one in early June :-)

                            (thank god there are only 4 birthdays to celebrate because my hips & heart can't take calories like that too often!!)

                            1. My daughter was all hot to trot to take me to a fancy place for a M Day brunch. I declined. I have to get dressed up every week day to go to work, and I have no will power at those brunch buffets -- always feel obligated to stuff myself to the point of bloat. Anyway, all I wanted was a late breakfast at a local diner. It was perfect. There was a bit of a wait, but I had a great omelette, nice hash browns & a side of scrapple. Great conversation, and I wore my sweats. It doesn't get any better!

                              1. Count me out, too. When we lived near my MIL every Mother's Day we had to schlep the whole family - in-laws, kids, second cousins three times removed, etc. - to some crappy brunch place for a horrible experience with truly inedible food. It's just about enough to turn you off on motherhood. When I had my own child I gave the Spouse strict instructions that he was never, ever to take me out on Mother's Day (Valentines Day goes without saying).

                                Yesterday I was offered the choice between biscuits and smoked sausage at home or bagels and whitefish at a local bagel shop. Both great choices, both would make me a happy mommy. I love my family.

                                1. My sons asked me what their mom would enjoy - we settled on Pho and the new Star Trek. She had a great time, and didn't even fall asleep in the dark theater, which she usually does (she's up at 5 am every day). She had known about their plans, and when she talked about it with her friends at work on Saturday, they laughed at her - obviously, it was a plot to get what the kids wanted. But she's always enjoyed trek, and although no trekkie, knows all the characters in all the series. So I thought she'd go for it, and she did. The spring rolls and the pho are standard fare for us, and always good at the place close to the theater. One of the kids bought one of those humongous sheet cakes at Costco for afterwards - so it looks like mom's friends at work are going to get something out of this, too!

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                                    Mother's Day yesterday - no kiddie-ridden restaurant. A delivery pizza, not from the usual mass-produced places like Pizza Pizza but from a local French-Italian restaurant, Alize.

                                    A movie on our recorder, and some red Montepulciano with it. Superb.

                                    Incidentally, I am no fan of "brunch" (ugly word) anyway. Starved all morning, stuffed all afternoon.

                                  2. Mom doesn't believe in mother's day (every day is mothers day and/or if you need a special day i'm not interested), but stepmom does. so on mother's day I tell her that I'm gonna take her out some other time. Better food, better service. Acknowledge the day so they know you didn't forget, but you can celebrate it any time.

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                                      I'm with you on that one. I just don't think Mom should have to cook/prepare a big meal on Mothers' Day, though.

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                                        agreed, but at this point thats between her and my dad.

                                    2. I totally agree about the celebrating Mother's Day in a restaurant. I really got turned off when my 3 were younger and would get to fighting and being disruptive in the restaurant. No amount of champagne would help and I always ended up with a raging headache. I finally decided that an activity was in order and because I love baseball we started going to a game on MD. Now we either see the Oakland A's or the SF giants depending on who is in town and ballpark franks are the cuisine of choice. Much more fun.

                                      1. I am not a big fan of brunch, in general, but i'm always happy to do something for my mom and my mother in law. They love to go out because they are stuck at home most of the time, so I try to put all of the "cons" out of my mind. This year, my mother in law brought my mother a corsage to wear. Very sweet.

                                        1. I enjoyed Mother's Day in a pub in Manayunk, PA. Food was delicious, nice cold beer and NO crowds, no troubles. Just stay away from the typical breakfast spots and you can still enjoy a very relaxing Mother's Day.

                                          1. We grilled Mom some steaks this year and ate on the patio to enjoy the nice weather. She always appreciates it when we cook for her, always did, even when we were kids and our Mother's Day culinary masterpiece was slightly-burned toast.

                                            1. Mother's Day? No problem. Just pick one from another country. Gives you about 30 alternate choices. It is no favour to you or your parent/child to be shoehorned into an overcrowded melee with all the best dishes run out.

                                              And it is even worse to tough it with the buffet.

                                              1. I think if you choose your restaurant wisely, you can have a lovely Mother's Day meal. I had eggs Benedict with in-house made pastrami at a great local deli/diner. Although I immediately started second guessing myself on my order as soon as I placed it, the result was wonderful (and poo on any 'purists' out there - it was damn tasty, whatever you want to call it!).

                                                1. Going to brunch or dinner on Mother's Day is the same awful experience as going out on Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve...just a mess, with surly waitstaff, overpriced & mediocre food, and unruly customers for whom this is one of the only times they get out to eat. I always skip it if I can - I let the sister take the folks to dinner (she likes that kinda thing!) and I make brunch at home for my mom - some of her favorite Breton galettes (buckwheat crepes) with gruyere and mushroom sauce. She loves it, and it gets me off the hook for waiting in line at some crowded brunch spot, only to be horribly disappointed!

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