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May 9, 2009 05:51 PM

CSA Mystery Box?


I was wondering if any of the CSAs/Farmers Markets do a Mystery Box deal?

I live in San Francisco, and one of the Farms puts together a mystery box of produce that they sell at a restaurant in the city every other Thursday.
Was great for me for trying a CSA one time and I thought my cousin in Astoria would love that too. Got me excited about signing up for an actual CSA.

Just curious if there was any 1 time deal?

Thanks for your help!
PS I'm double posting this on Manhattan Bd as well since she works there.

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  1. I don't know about a "mystery box" deal/auction or whatever like you've described. But when my friend was interested in several CSAs (UWS Manhattan), she called them and both of the ones she looked at offered to give her a "trial". I think the trials were 2 weeks, if I'm remembering correctly, and there may have been a nominal fee. I think the idea was that she could try it out and then if she wanted to sign up for the following year, she knew what to expect. If that's what your aim is, I'd suggest calling the CSAs your cousin would like. Here's a link to find CSAs in the right neighborhood: . Good luck.

    1. As a former member of the Hellgate CSA in Astoria, I know there were no trials or one time deals available. You had to be a member for the entire season.