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May 9, 2009 05:42 PM

Shiraz/Viogner blends

looking for an inexpensive SV blend...any suggestions?

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  1. d'Arenberg Laughing Magpie. Very reliable under $20. And not done in a fruit-bomb style.

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      Thanks for all the responses. I'll give them a try.

      Take care,

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        I've been intrigued with Shiraz (Syrah) and Viognier co-fermented blends awhile.
        I've noticed they vary widely in the percentage of Viognier added to the blend -- anywhere from 2% to 18% -- and that makes a huge difference in the finished wine.
        A small percentage has little effect and seems more for color stabilization and a nod to tradition; a large percentage can make the wine cloyingly aromatic (jasmine tea, rose petals) even to the point of smelling "candy-fied."

        Meng's rec is good: d'Arenberg is perhaps the best Oz producer.

        Yalumba in AZ (mentioned several times below) makes a few co-fermented Shiraz-Viogner blends:
        Handpicked Shiraz + Viognier $25
        Barossa Eden Shiraz Viognier $15
        Y Series Shiraz Viognier $10-11.
        Also, check out Yering Station, Kangarilla, and Henry’s.

        In the US, the blends are higher in price. I'd probably turn first to Rosenblum's blend and to those of some of the smaller Paso Robles, Santa Maria and Santa Barbera producers. Some of these may be a bit beyond your budget but are worth trying if your wallet will allow it. Here's my list:

        Rosenblum Syrah Rominger $18-22
        Ridge Syrah Lytton West $35
        Lujon $23
        Andrew Murray Roasted Slope $31
        Spring Mountain $40 -- 18% Viognier
        Margerum $34-40
        Mcprice Colson Canyon $20
        Havens $40
        Ampelos Syrache $28
        Hudson $28
        Arrowood Saralee's Vineyard Syrah $34

      2. I liked the 2006 bottling of this wine that was around $13:

        Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier, Victoria, Shiraz –Viognier

        1. The Black Chook is a good one, and reasonably priced:

          Lately though, for this type of wine we prefer Slipstream, a Shiraz-Grenache blend. Very nice at this price point:

          1. Yalumba...should be priced around $10-12

            1. Angoves Nine Vines Shiraz/Viognier is really nice. Retail is $12 - $15.

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                "Yalumba...should be priced around $10-12"
                Agree with Triggs. Yalumba is consistant in quality

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                  I third recommendation for Yalumba. Best price I have found for this is $8.95 for Yalumba Y Series Shiraz (10% Viognier). This is a regular buy in our house.

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                    I've had their upper tier Barossa Valley Shiraz/viognier and it was mind blowing...inky, touch of mocha spicy worthy producer at all levels.