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May 9, 2009 05:23 PM

Dim Sum, Sushi, Steakhouse and Indian Recs Downtown (Yonge/ Dundas Area)?

My boyfriend is visiting, looking for places nearby.

Thanks so much

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  1. I like Mochizuki for Japanese. I've always had good food there. I always order from the menu. My last favourite was Yaki Maki (I think). I also had the grilled calamari and lots of other stuff that I can't rmmbr the name of. I've never sat at the sushi bar before.

    Lee Garden for good chinese food. Honey Orange ribs are my fav at the moment. Spadina/ North of Dundas.

    Rol San for Dim Sum. Spandina. North of Dundas.

    I've meant to try Spadina Garden on Dundas near Bay. But have not yet. But if you try soon, let me know.

    These I've yet to try but hopefully soon. In the area. Johnny Rockets for the fun of it. at Dundas Square.
    And ...Woo Restaurant Buffet. Let me know how Woo Buffet is too.

    Frans was no good for brunch...its just okay.

    Adega is great meditteranean. Pricey though. I've always had good food at 35 Elm.

    Bangkok garden is a good place to try for lunch.

    1. Barberian's is a solid, old fashioned steakhouse with an excellent wine list. It's on Elm between Bay and Yonge.

      1. This thread may be of some help:

        For sushi very nearby, my rec would be Japango, on Elizabeth St, just south of Dundas.

        1. For sushi - go to Japango - it's a tiny place but the sushi is spot on (on Elizabeth St, I think) (FYI - for non-sushi Japanese - try Ema-tei - just north ot Queen Street on St Patrick - i think they have sushi there - but they have a great array of non-sushi Japanese foods - it's fantastic )
          Dim Sum - Rol Son on Spadina (north of Dundas) / a splurge - Lah Wah Heen in the Metropolitan hotel
          Steakhouse - Barberian
          Indian - Little India on Queen Street just west of University