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May 9, 2009 04:38 PM

Restaurants @ Diamond Jamboree Center-Irvine

So how are the various Asian restaurants at the new plaza on the corner of Jamboree/Alton?

Tokyo Table
Chae Bahn
the 85c bakery...
Capital Seafood
Super H Market
BCD Tofu House
(whatever else I'm missing?)

Reviews and suggestions pretty please!?

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  1. A recent post on this exact topic a few weeks ago:

    1. I like the Super H market. Some really good prepared foods to go, and good fresh seafood, as well as other good produce and Korean items, and the bakery is good. There is also an in-house eatery there, I think they mainly do Soon-Tofu stuff (molten-hot, stone bowls of goodness).

      I like 85C, it's always mobbed and some really tasty items, what makes it fun is the ever-changing, continuously flowing abundance of goodies that they are cranking out, just as quickly getting scooped (or rather, tonged) up by the ravenous customers. Supposedly (I have not confirmed this) they use hydrogenated oils though, so if you're concerned, beware or at least ask first.

      BBQ Chicken is not barbecued at all, but rather fried in olive oil. It's really delicious !

      I haven't tried the other places yet.

      1. Capital Seafood - well, it's an Asian market place but if you look in the window of CS, it's all white people....... what's that tell you?
        BCD is excellent and they give you a lot of food.
        BBQ Chicken was a disappointment to me.... after all the hype, it's just fried chicken wings.
        85 degree C outstanding! I usually go on the way home so hitting it about 5:30 on a weeknight. No lines and I love when they come out with a tray "fresh bread fresh bread" Love the taro rolls 2-3 different kinds any given moment. Also the savory breads are good. But the best are the cream puffs and the (i think they are called) Silver dollars that are little slightly sweet pancakes with a taro cream filling.

        1. I work down the street and frequent Diamond Jamboree fairly often. My overall opinion is that every place is ok. If you order well you'll be able to find some good dishes at fairly reasonable prices.

          Greek Islands - the kebobs are grilled to order (probably par cooked). The hummus and baba are good. The falaffel is hit or miss and only good when hit. Sometimes the falaffel is very dense and chewy.
          BBQ Chicken - the chicken isn't bad but when compared to BonChon and Kyochon its a whole different animal. It reminds me more of southern fried chicken with the crust. The spicy chicken was almost unebible, my lips were burning for hours later. The ddukbokhee was actually very nice.
          Guppy house - eh
          BDC - you can read about this on other boards. Very solid soon tofu.
          85C - good desserts and pastries, the most crowded place in the mall. I love the blueberry cheesecake, croissants are good too.
          H-Mart - the cafe inside to the back right is good. For $7 to $9 you can either get bibimbap, jiage, soon tofu or grilled meat. I actually enjoy eating here than most of the other establishments.

          I haven't checked out Capital Seafood (co-workers said the dim sum was good), ramen joint or the new chicken wing place.

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          1. re: js76wisco

            Of two friends that can judge for me... one Chinese and one Taiwanese, both say skip Capital Seafood.

            1. re: js76wisco

              There's a new chicken wing place? What type of cuisine is it?

              1. re: huaqiao

                It's a buffalo chicken wing place... just a few doors down from BBQ called Original Buffalo Wings

            2. Hi junglekitte,

              Diamond Jamboree Plaza is, IMHO, a wasteland if you're looking for good food. If you're on lunch break or stuck in the area, sure, it's better than fast food, but if you have access to a car, I'd say skip the entire plaza. (And note, I don't like focusing on the negative, but this plaza is just... bad :(.

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              1. re: exilekiss

                Thanks for the heads up everyone! Too bad! It seemed like such a hopeful place but *sigh* like the rest of South OC there are few gems hidden behind a lot of garbage!

                1. re: junglekitte

                  I'd suggest you check it out for yourself, before writing it off.

                2. re: exilekiss

                  I unfortunately have to agree. I do the reverse commute from LA to Irvine 4 days a week. When in LA I'd never dream of eating at a majority of the places I eat lunch when working in Irvine with the exception of Santouka in Costa Mesa, Houstons and Whole Foods salad bar. I'd drive right by the District, Diamond Jamboree and every other strip mall in big box store hell but a man has to eat lunch.