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May 9, 2009 03:41 PM

Tavern Tonight-What to Eat?

I am getting cold feet hearing all of the nay sayers come out after the first few salad days (I was never blown away by Lucques either, but I want to give Tavern a try, B-Wood is sadly lacking in any fancy place worth its salt). Please tell me what to eat if I don't go for the turkey burger. Thank you.

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  1. I've only been once, but I vote the devil's chicken or the pork chop. The asparagus and the scallops for apps were both great as well. As an aside, I dropped by the larder on friday. I feel like the prices there are incredibly out of touch, and I say this as someone who pays the high prices at Huckleberry often. $10 for a teeny tiny salad? $5 for a baked good that looks much less appetizing than the one that I could get at Huckleberry for the same exorbitant price? Sorry, but at those prices, I left and just headed to Huckleberry for their three-salad sampler which is $12 but is so generously portioned to-go that I easily have enough for two meals (and I'm not the most delicate eater). On the upside, I believe Tavern has the best deal on epoisses I've see lately ($24 for a round).

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      Where/what is Huckleberry? Sounds great.

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        Huckleberry is the bakery opened by the Rustic Canyon folks, located in Santa Monica on the south side of Wilshire at 10th. It is a door away from the new Santa Monica Seafood, and shares the parking lot behind the structure.