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May 9, 2009 03:16 PM

I miss Bo Lings!!! SWFL

I know it has been a while since Bo Lings had to close but I miss it so much!! So I was wondering if anyone has found a Chinese restaurant as good as Bo Lings in the (Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers) area.

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  1. Charlie Chiang's has Dim sum Sat and Sunday 11:30-2:30, and it's very good. It's just starting out on Dim sum offering- last weekend was the first time, so not enough people know about to get carts rolling. Just as good for us, each item is cooked fresh to order. It's pretty inside, and has a back large patio on the river-watch eagles and kingfisher birds dine.

    The chefs are direct from China, and know their stuff. It's in the Doubletree Guest Suites, 0.6 miles north of Immokalee Rd, on 41, in Naples. I was a regular at Bo Ling's till it closed >1 year ago, you will be pleased at Charlie Chiang's food.

    A report is at:

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      Thanks for the tip! I heard that Charlie Chiang's started offering dim sum on weekends and I can't wait to give it a is good to hear that I won't be disappointed.

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        Yes, I concur. Charlie Chiang's DIm Sum was very good. And they have a number of other specials, offered on particular days and times, that are listed on a sign just to the right of the entrance. We'd be back, except that we are already back up north for the summer.

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          I was not let down but nor I was impressed. I think they could always expand the menu and start serving bigger portions.

      2. David Wong's Pan Asian Bistro has some pretty good Asian food. They are stronger on Thai than Chinese but it's the best I've found around here. They are just north of the old Bo Lings in the same mall as Regal Cinema. You can see it from 41.

        1. Panda Pavilion Rules! Cheap, Quality stuff...the Beef Lo-Mein is LOADED with meat! Even their takeout CONTAINERS are awesome! All we've had is delivery so far but it beats any of the other 20 places we've had, from Kansas City to Seattle to Naples, hands down! (they don't really know how to make it spicy, however)

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            I like Panda, too.

            I finally got my write up on David Wong's Pan Asian up-I misfiled my photos.

            It's strengths are many-great staff, owner David Wong is helpful and clearly on site, and chefs who really know how to properly cook the Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian foods properly, so they taste great, and are also beautifu to look at. Presentation is important.

            There really is a good difference in the Asian cuisines , so let David or Chris make suggestions, to give you a good assortment of styles. I've been there 3 times, each time a regular has invited me, and even when crowded in season, service is very good. They don't "dump" all the apps and mains at once, like some places do-pacing is well thought out. .

            Well recommended!

            My in depth Write Up is at: