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May 9, 2009 03:03 PM

Last minute ideas- 7 people, WVillage, no res

I have friends in town who at the last minute invited 4 other local friends for dinner in the WVillage. We were going to try to walk in somewhere before these people were added, but now with 7 I'm thinking its not going to be easy.

Our sights are set for Mexican, ideally Cabrito on Carmine, but knowing that likely won't happen, are there any restaurants in the WVillage (any type of good food with a fun atmosphere) that could take 7 people without a res? Suggestions?


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  1. Steak Frites is a viable option. AOC on Bleeker has lots of room with open patio. Over on Cornelia, if you go early, you could probably get in many of those places. The Cuban place there is decent.