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Cooked lobster...ideas?

I've got a three small lobsters, pre-cooked. One I'm keeping for scrambled eggs in the morning for mother's day. The other two, I was going to chop up the meat and mix in a remoulad-ey type sauce and spread on crostini. However, I'm wondering if any of my fellow CH'ers have any alternative suggestions.

I've got a well stocked pantry...quite a few fresh herbs. Lemons, avocados, etc.

I'm also making some fava bean puree to spread on crostini that I'll flavour with lemon juice, olive oil and mint. And a grilled whole trout stuffed with rosemary and aggressively salted.

Just a bit of a screwing around with food night.

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  1. Cooked lobster is great in crepes, ravioli, or risotto
    and so many other creamy, cheesy things like thermidor

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    1. I would skip the fancy stuff and just make lobster rolls. This is a pretty good one:


      I substitute celery for the cucumber because that's the way I prefer it. And I love the tarragon.

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            I would cook a little linguine. Sauté some shallots in butter, add some white wine or vermouth, cook down, add some cream, chunks of lobster and tarragon. Mushrooms optional. Yum!

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              Been there, and yes, Totally Great! I do that with shrimp all the time with whatever is in the fridge. Can't go wrong can ya? Simple and perfect all the time. And it can be a side dish also which is the best part.

              I did a dinner for a couple of friends last months. Shrimp in a very similar sauce with pasta and a grilled pork tenderloin, salad and desert. Probably the easiest dinner ever. I love dinner like that.

        1. I've enjoyed this recipe for Lobster Newburg. Sounds similar to your crostini idea.


          Or lobster rolls are yummy too :



          1. why not mix a few pieces with some cream cheese and make a few fried rangoons.

            1. I second the lobster rolls. Other good ideas for even more decadence - lobster mac and cheese or lobster mashed potatoes.

              1. I'm past the time, sorry, but if you are using lobster in the am, enjoy that. If you get them again, a great lobster breakfast is my lobster benedict.

                I use croissants, lightly grilled or toasted, then I top it my lobster. I use a simple combo of scallions lobster, a little oj and zest and just just some fresh dill, s/p. Top the croissant with lobster mix, then top with fresh avacado slices, poached egg and top with traditional hollandaise but I make mine with orange vs lemon. I serve it with a sweet orange and blood orange salad with red onion and fresh mint on the side.

                For dinner, I love Mac and cheese with lobster which was also mentioned. Good call. I also make a light lobster lasagna rolls. Basically lobster, asparagus, a little cheese and then roll in lasagna noodles and then top with a simple bechemel sauce with a little white wine, dill and lemon. It is simple and easy and honestly quick. A great side to a main course or as a main course. You can add red peppers, chives, scallions, arugula is great, anything, some herbed cheese, gruyere is great, even some pancetta to give it a depth of flavor. Lots of options.

                1. I like to chop up a cooked lobster, then give it a quick stir fry in a mixture of soy sauce, chopped ginger, garlic, green onion and a bit of corn starch. I just cook it long enough to get a nice thick glaze on it but not let it get overcooked.

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                    Make ravioli with wonton skins. Maybe make a saffron creme to drizzle over the top. Delicate and lovely.