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May 9, 2009 02:35 PM

The Williamsburg Burger Rankings

I went on a lunchtime workbreak crusade over the course of a few weeks and had a burger every day. Here are the correct rankings of the burgers in Williamsburg:

1. Peter Lugers - check this place out, total secret hidden gem
2. Egg - a damn fine burger just bring back the Brunswick Stew please
3. Ella - small but cooked well
4. Diner - yep.
5. Spike Hill - punching way above its weight class
6. Surf Bar or Carmaya whatever they are calling it these days
7. Jimmys - solid but tht door slamming is annoying, please fix, thanks.
8. Sweetwater - the standard bistro burger. Can't wait til World Cup viewings there in '10
9. Dumont - Don't get all Dumont fanboy on me, it's just not that good, comparatively.
10. Five Leaves - okay maybe not in Williamsburg proper but I went anyway
11. Relish - but what about how all the servers are on quaaludes?
12. Leons Burger Hut - #1 for atmosphere though and best signage
13. Kasias - service without a smile. Love my ladies there.
14. Eden - turd on bun

Yes I have left out Williamsburger. Who cares.

Let's open it up for discussion about how this is the correct ranking.

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  1. You've heard of Luger's too? Dang, thought I had the place to myself.

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    1. re: addictedtolunch

      does captainspacefood mean that PL is not known for their burgers (as opposed to their steaks, with which i think we're all familiar)? how much does a burger there even cost?! i vote for prices to be included in the list, so that we can identify where best to spend our hard-earned dollars...

      1. re: chilindrina

        I've done a very thorough search of Chowhound and can find no mention or discussion of any place called Peter Luger---I suspect you made that one up.
        Aside from that, your list is pretty much spot on except for the rankings and the selections.
        Good one.

        1. re: chilindrina

          Wow, you are even more deadpan than I am....well played.

          1. re: captainspacefood

            Your post amused me----only responded in appreciation. W'burg is not my turf so I've got nothing to contribute.

      2. Aurora has a burger for lunch that is pretty good. Lodge has a burger that is pretty bad, like most of their offerings.

        My top 3:
        1.Peter Luger
        3.Sweet Water

        Agree, DuMont/DuMont Burger= highly overrated. Love Leon's for lunch anytime.

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        1. re: malibu

          I haven't been to Jimmy's recently, but the first burger I tried with them was pretty small and not very exciting - maybe I should give it another chance. I like Dumont a lot better than Jimmy's.

          It's funny - I'm always trying to think of a place to get a burger in Williamsburg - and don't think I've tried more than 2 on that list. I'm more of an eat out burger person and those aren't really delivery places are they?

          What's the name of the place across from Lokai that sells $14 Australian style burgers? That was okay.

          And you should go to South Africa instead.

        2. decent list.... honestly, i hate phoney yuppie burgers sized like meatballs and served on a brioche (ugh!), so my favorite burger in w'burg is a medium rare burger w/ blue cheese from Mug's Ale House...

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          1. re: pgunn

            Haven't ever had the Mugs burger as all mine are lunchtime burgers and I don't think Mugs gets going til 3 or so which is a bit late for me, but I'll check it out sometime and add it on.

            Had Luger's today. Still #1.