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May 9, 2009 02:26 PM

Babbo Pastas: Goose Liver Ravioli and _____?

This will be my first visit to Babbo and, like Rocky Balboa training for the title bout, I have poured sweat in preparation. Cue music montage: I learned to ditch the tasting menu and choose the Goose Liver. I know upstairs is quieter and to not waste stomach space on the bread.

But, like Rocky struggling to lift that log, I've hit a hurdle. I need a second pasta and it is in this single area there appears to not be a consensus. First, though, let me tell you what has been decided:

- Warm Lamb Tongue
- Octopus
- Goose Liver Ravioli
- Lamb Chop
- Gelato

5 down and 1 to go. I need my second pasta. The two front runners seem to be the Beef Cheek and Lune, but even among those opinions are deeply divided.

Please help me with this final decision. Do it for me. Do it for America.

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  1. Great menu thus far. With no consensus, pick what sounds best to you. For me that's the Mint Love Letters, but you can't go wrong with Beef Cheek Ravioli, Goat Cheese Tortellini or Pumpkin Lune.

    HOWEVER, can I convince you to trade the Lamb chop for the Pork Chop? That's the only "error" I see in your menu. The rest are all selections of favorites. Oh, and have the seasonal fruit crostata for dessert. In the summer, it is the best.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: Jorel

      Get the Beef Cheek! I was psyched for the goose liver ravioli but was slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong it was still interesting and different in a good way. The balsamic sauce was very delicious but I didn't quite so much like the filling-rather pasty. The beef cheek ravioli though-completely blown away, texture, savoriness. Have a great time

      1. re: deabot

        I was at Babbo Wednesday night - (the 13th) and had the goose liver ravioli and it was DYNAMITE! (in my opinion) It was a flavor party. At first - (because I am a pig) - I was sour at the portion size - but after I was finished - (five seconds later) I realized how rich it was and was completely full. Also had the Sweetbreads and they were exceptional.

        1. re: Ms.Munchie

          As usual, I agree with my love, Ms. Munchie. We also had the beef cheek ravioli, and I thought it was AWESOME. But the beautiful Ms. Munchie's dish, the goose liver ravioli, was a little better. I thought we'd wind up ordering a lot more food because the portions looked small, but we were completely stuffed and couldn't even order dessert.

          1. re: Slob

            If you think you will love the very reduced, sweet, somewhat overpowering balsamic sauce, by all means get the goose liver ravioli. I thought it was the only dish that was overrated. I loved the pork chop and the tripe, And I didn't even know that I loved tripe. Wouldn't it be more fun to decide what you want to eat once you're there?

            1. re: hungrycomposer

              I agree with composer. But would say it just was not to my taste. It was executed well...

              Tripe at babbo is the best I ever had and I am a big fan of the pork chop as well...

    2. i too found the goose liver ravioli outstanding

      1. My opinions on Babbo seem to differ from the concensus- I wasn't that blown away with the beef cheek ravioli. It is definitely good but I would probably go with the mint love letters.

        Also, although the pork chop gets a lot of love here (and I haven't had it so I'm not saying I'm against it), I did have the lamb chop and it was excellent, one of the best I've ever had. So if you are a lamb guy, stick with that.

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        1. re: razorramon

          The goose liver ravioli is a must. The lunes are second, but the goat cheese tortellini is stellar too.

        2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'll definitely go for the pork chop rather than the lamb.

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          1. re: Erikaleelee

            Remember - that thing next to the pork chop is not a tomato - it is a melt-your-face-off-hot pepper. :-) I wish someone had warned me. ;-)

          2. Pumkin Lune and Wild Boar Pappardelle.

            Stick with the pork chop its awesome and so is the duck.