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May 9, 2009 10:48 AM

Bachelorette Dinner Downtown

Hello Hounds,

A friend of mine is planning a bachelorette dinner for a lovely soon-to-be-wed Montrealer. Before we paint the town red we're looking to have a nice, moderately priced meal in the downtown core. In my opinion, a fun atmosphere with easy access (aka cab ride) to Queen west are the most important criteria. With a large group of ladies with varying tastes and income levels it can be hard to accommodate everyone. The planner has suggested Terroni on Adelaide but that just doesnt seem the right vibe to me. Although I do recall some nice private rooms in the converted building. Can you help with suggestions? Many thanks!

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  1. Laide at adelaide and Jarvis.. they specialize in these kind of things... search the board for others posts...

    1. Spice Route (asian) on King West has fun large tables that can accommodate a large group. You can share dishes so that may make things cheaper (although they don't have crazy prices). It has a good bar feel to it too. The Beaconsfield which with Queen West West can probably accommodate a group of you and they have something on the menu for everyone and has a nice bar/edgy feel to it. Terroni in the old Courthouse Building does has a private area as well. Have fun!

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        Eww Spice Route has the worst service and is sucha pickup spot that a group of girls would not be left alone by the stock boys with their Cigar Breath.. went there for a friends birthday and even though she was a freind of the manager everyone had a horrible time and thought it was a total rip off.

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          I just went to spice Route with a group of 16 in a private room, and had one of the best priced fixed course meals ever. It was amazing selection and huge quantity for $35 a person plus booze, with a required minimum. We didnt leave the room except to go to the bathrooms, which are the strangest things I ever saw.

      2. Sidecar on College has great cocktails and a very reasonably priced (and good!) menu. The focus on cocktails would make for a lively dinner -- I imagine the "painless Brazilian" would be a hit. Or you could buy a "badass mojito" or two for the bride to be and pretty much ensure she will have a hangover on her wedding day. :)

        1. Sounds like you and your friends might enjoy remington's on Yonge Street, but I am not sure if they are still serving a dinner buffet. See:

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            I heard Remington's just closed. If it is open, it would be a risque visit, and the boys would not bother the girls.!