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Hi all going to WD-50 next week and was wondering if I should go with the tasting menu or order a la carte? I have read several post out here regarding the restaurant and some are dated or plain confusing on the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks Jay

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  1. Although we've ordered from both (and enjoyed both for different reasons), you should order the tasting menu. That is truly where chef Dufresne (sp?) shows his artistry.

    1. I agree with Berna. Go with the tasting menu, especially since it's your first time and you seem unafraid of adventure. The a la carte options tend to be more mainstream and 'accessible', but they tend to be less interesting than the tasting menu.

      1. I had the tasting menu 4 weeks back. It was very good, I went with the wine as well but felt overall that it was a bit expensive.

        I would do the tasting menu again, however would probably pick up a bottle under their "Bacchus" deal at half price or go with cocktails.

        Its not that their wine choices were not amazing but we came in at 600$ or so and thats a lot for a very interesting but casual dinner.

        1. Tasting menu. I have eaten there a bunch of times and EVERYTIME the tasting menu was fantastic and EVERYTIME (twice) I went a la carte I was disappointed.

          1. The current tasting menu is very strong.

            I (230lb guy who likes to drink) tend to get drunk when I get the pairings so I definitely recommend using the discount to get a bottle or two.

            1. Tasting Menu, definitely. I was back 2 Sundays ago and it's great. Regarding the wine pairing: if you're going with people, the half price wine bottles are the way to go.

              1. The tasting menu is always wonderful, but if you are going with a few friends, then order a la carte. What we all do is order basically most of the menu and pass plates - kind of everyone has 2-3 bites then pass clock, or counter, wise. You truly can't go wrong either way. Yum!

                1. tasting + wine pairing gets my vote