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May 9, 2009 10:23 AM

Pike Place Market - Best Spot for Breakfast?

Our cruise docks at 7am in Seattle and we (DH, 6-yo DS and I) are looking for a great spot for breakfast before we wander around the market for an hour or two. Any and all suggestions appreciated. TIA!

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  1. We were there last year and really liked LOWES in Pikes....you order when you walk in and then find a table ...they will find you...get a table on the 3rd floor, it over looks the sounds...what a breath taking view and they have a killer crab eggs benny!

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      I believe it is spelled Lowell's, and I would recomend it. Good food, GREAT views, and really what the market is all about. We have been taking out of town guests there for years, they all love the "rough and tumble" atmosphere. And they really do have darn good crab eggs benny.

      Lowell's Restaurant
      1519 Pike place

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        Guess I am not perfect after all ;)

        Couldn't remember how it was spelt, all I remembered was the Crab eggs benny and corned beef hash...

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          I know people think Lowell's is touristy, but jeez, we are talking about the market here; that screams touristy! So in for a penny in for a pound.

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            Where I live we just don't have markets that "fresh" or that big, so of course we just loved walking taking it all in.

            I drew the line at taking pictures of the fish throwing ;)

            Loved and mean LOVED the Spice store

    2. Lola, at 2000 4th Ave gives good breakfast
      Etta's, just North of the Pike Place main arcade
      Brunch Sat and Sun at Cafe Campagne in the Pike Place Market, 1600 Post Alley
      CJ's Eatery at 1st & Cedar
      Or just wander the Market and graze (I'd start at Le Panier or Le Pichet

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        Lolas is fantastic, we had lunch there....We were in the area for 4 days and ate at 3 of Tom Douglas's restaurants and attended a charity culinary event he also attended (he was he MC for the auction) while there, he probably thought we were stalking him!

        1. The Crumpet Shop or Le Panier would be my picks. Neither of them offer full breakfast, they're bakeries. A crumpet with ricotta and jam with a cup of tea was my favorite breakfast when I worked downtown.

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            I was going to say the Crumpet Shop, too. It's not too filling, so you can continue grazing at all of the other places, but is still very tasty (savory toppings, eggs and the usual toppings).

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              I'll put in a third vote for the Crumpet Shop.

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                And a fourth vote. I'd say I can't believe I missed that one, but you are square in the heart of chow here and there is just so much that I forgive myself...
                Oddball items fom my wife, who worked nearby for a year and had very short breaks from her construction job, but used these to fuel-up with small snacks at I Love NY deli (several cheesy egg sandwiches, breakfast Rueben [weird], knishes). For a little breakfasty sweet pork product - a BBQ pork bun at Mee Sum (and sesame balls). A few raw oysters at Jack's will give you a breakfast tale for the ages and you can catch a sweet pastry next door 3 Sisters Bakery. Turkish Delight will have at least Turkish delight and baklava and maybe even Turkish coffee?. Uli's might grill you up a breakfast sausage - now you are really living the native life. If you are firm in the vein of refinement, Cafe Campagne is delightfully super-Frenchy and quite a lovely experience. Back on the native/ristic track - If it's July, go to Sosio's and get "oh-my-God" peaches (fully ripe, ever-so-carefully carried across the mountains), maybe grab a crumpet from the Crumpet shop and s cuppa from Starbuck's #1 and go eat in Steinbueck park (the bums are still asleep at that hour).

            2. For a real breakfast-
              Up a couple blocks from the market- Lola's
              Located in the market vacinity- Steelhead Diner
              Located in the market vacinity- Etta's
              Located in the market vacinity- Le Pichet

              IMO-Lowell's and a few others in the Market close to Lowell's are tourist traps

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                I second your comment, natalie, but have enjoyed leading willing guests into the dark and dangerous lair of the Athenian, just for the cultural thrill of it (and, OK, a great view, a good tap-set, and a place to rest my legs). I've forgotten everything I've eaten there (mostly decades ago), but remember clearly that the hangtown fry had nothing to recommend it at that time. Thank you again for your observation, which matches mine, but it;s always worth asking:
                Do you (or anybody) know a hidden delight at Athenian?

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                  Mr. Nelso, some things are better left hidden.

                2. Thanks to all of you for the great suggestions! I checked the menu for Lowell's online and it sounds great - lots of things I'd love to try. But, we have since decided to do an early lunch (11:30) @ Steelhead Diner and I really want to be hungry for that! So, we will do a light breakfast at either Le Panier or Crumpet Shop (or both!!! :0 ).

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                    You will love Steelhead. Be sure someone in your party orders the Gumbo . . . to die for!