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May 9, 2009 10:14 AM

What's for Breakfast/brunch this weekend

I had a bunch of people who I have / would like to / and work with in the restaurant industry over for a seafood party last night. Everyone brought something and helped cook or get ready for the party. It went so well, that about half of the people stayed over for the night.
Now one of the good things about being the chef and getting older was that by the time I was out of bed, some of guys and gals had cleaned up the place.
So we all got together and raided the fridge and freezer and made brunch. We had fantastic hash browns with onions and green/red peppers mixed in. Black pudding, the last of my wild boar bacon from Alberta, peameal bacon, sausages, grilled mushrooms and tomato, eggs done 3 different ways, melon slices, potato farls/ scones and toast..

Needless to say, I'll be eating a late lunch and a very late supper if at all.

So what does everyone else do on your wekend for brekkie or brunch? Tell us all please!

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  1. Great big Dutch Baby with stewed cinnamon apples or scrambled eggs with chourico or andouille

    1. people's plans may stray from the typical this weekend, since tomorrow is Mother's Day...

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        I sorta figure that this is an on going thread.

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          Hey, that's good. Had me confused otherwise, as Mothers Day was on 22/3.

          So, tomorrow's brekkie will be fried black pudding, the last three eggs in the house and Staffordshire oatcakes..

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              Damn these international boards!


      2. Holy cow, that sounds fantastic. I cut up an avocado and sprinkled it with vinegar and salt. Then I ate leftover filling from the deviled eggs I had just made for later on. Somehow that just doesn't pack the same punch as yours...