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Gonna eat a lot of peaches

Its peach season here and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions or recipes on what to do with freshly picked peaches. Would love some ideas for sauces or marinades.

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  1. Do you have white peaches? Those and prosecco for bellinis.

    I invented (ha, right) a fruit pancake that works well with peaches. Basically I thin-sliced peaches into a frying pan with a little butter, using just enough slices to be about the size of a pancake. I browned the fruit, took it off the burner, added a dash of rum and lit that. When the rum burned off, I turned the burner back on and added dollops of pancake mix to make individual pancakes that way. They were incredibly good, with or without anything added. A long, flat grill could work better for this to do several at once, but be really careful with the flaming rum.

    If you wanted to get really adventurous you could make peach vinegar:

    1. I think its CI that has a great small batch preserve recipe. Does not include canning, and there is not a lot of sugar, so it doesn't keep TOO long, but it's easy and good. I'll try to find a link.
      Not sure if you can see it if your not a subscriber, but it's called "Easy Fresh Fruit Jam".

      "Easy Fresh Fruit Jam".

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      1. I love grilled peached served with sweetened mascarpone cheese or a little burbon butter

        You can use in BBQ sauces!

        Jams and jellys

        Put in salads and salsas

        1. I'm jealous! Have you tried poached peaches? The resulting color has a big “wow” factor – it’s like a sunset in a bowl. Cut your peaches in half, removing the stones but keeping the skin on (the skin coloring will transfer to the peach flesh). For the poaching liquid combine: 3 cups water, 3 cups sugar, 2 tbsp vanilla, 2 tbsp lemon juice, and 2 cloves. (If you’re feeling fancy you can add a cinnamon stick, 2 long strips lemon zest, and some red wine in place of the water.) Once your liquid has simmered for 5 min, carefully add a few halves at time and simmer 4 mins/side. Remove with a slotted spoon and cool then peel. Serve over ice cream, ideally with a drizzle of warm maple syrup. Gah!

          1. Peach puzzle! it's an upside down pie from a Cook's country cookbook. I just made it with friends and it was AMAZING! very simple and super good.


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              I gather that the pits are left in the peaches?

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                Yes. they were easy to cut around.

            2. Are they from Schnepf? We went odwn and picked last week but still lots of not ripe on the trees, bet it was better this weekend. Wanted to go this AM but had a demo to do at work today I had to set up for and didn't have time to go. Gone next weekend so two weeks out for more but can't wait. I love peaches and the season is so short here.

              Anyway, I made a peach/blackberry pie with mine. I wanted to make some peach vanila preserves as well but didnt' have enough. I like to make it without pectin, it's a bit looser that way and makes a great sauce as well.

              Last year I made a lot of salads using fresh peaches. They went particularly well with corn, fresh tomatoes, some basil and a goat, feta, or queso fresco.

              BBQ sauce as mentioned above. Really good on a smoked pork tenderloin.

              Grilled peaches as dessert or served with pork or chicken.

              Peach salsa

              Peach cobbler
              Blend with some yogurt, lime, ginger and honey and make popsicles
              And of course eaten out of hand. Lots of them for as long as you can get them as the season will be gone soon and it's a long wait until next May!

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                Thanks all. They are from Schnepf. Still a lot of unripe fruit but some were clearly ready and taste fantastic.

              2. Make pickled peaches (aka spiced peaches) with them. This is a southern style, although my grandmother in LA made them this way too. My MIL from SC loves this recipe which is a modification of

                * 2 cups sugar
                * 1 cup white vinegar
                * 1 cup water
                * 1 clove per peach+1 cinnamon stick per mason jar
                * 4 pounds fresh clingstone peaches

                Make simple syrup with sugar, water, and vinagre.

                Boil the peaches in the liquid for 1 minute, and place in bowl filled with ice water. Peel peaches and return to boiling syrup for 15-20 minutes.

                Stick 1 clove in each peach and put 1 small cinnamon stick into each jar. Either put whole or sliced into jars (2-3 fit into a pint jar with pits) and fill with syrup to 1/2" to top. Seal and process in water bath 10 minutes.

                Remove and place in area where they won't be bothered for 24 hours.

                Eat or store for winter.

                1. Peel, slice a juicy one reasonably thin, put slices in a frying pan that's not nonstick, with a little butter. Brown, flip and brown the other side. Take off flame. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of sugar if you like, add small amount of rum to pan, light and burn off the rum. Then, making sure enough butter remains on the pan, add pancake batter and make a pancake out of that. If you like you can just transfer the flamed peach circles to a nonstick pan afterward, and do the pancakes in that for easier sliding.