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May 9, 2009 08:36 AM

Bridal/Baby shower menu

I'm hosting a shower this week. There will be about 15 starts at 2pm. A few guests are bringing dishes and I need to fill in the blanks. Here is what we have so far.

Pigs in a - to -be's request
Homemade guac and chips
Salmon pinwheels
Tossed Salad
Chicken Penne Vodka
A Puerto Rican dish made with meat

So the menu is pretty varied. I think we are good with the heavy dishes since it's starting at 2pm and people aren't expecting lunch or dinner. What other light dishes should I throw it?

For drinks we will have water, wine, and sangria.

For dessert we'll have brownies, a trifle, and maybe an ice cream cake. Mom-to-be doesn't like cake and the bride is on a diet so I'm not bothering with a regular cake.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Fresh cut-up fruit would be my choice to round things out, and if you absolutely need something else, maybe a selection of cheeses.

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    1. re: critter101

      and another non alcholic drink.

      1. re: LaLa

        I agree with LaLa...Definitely another non-booze drink...iced tea maybe, or a non-alchoholic punch (I think there's a recent thread on this subject).

        1. re: Val

          I'm going to have coke and diet coke as well. It's not a punch crowd. Most of them will probably want all

      2. re: critter101

        love the fruit idea....will definately do that.

        1. re: critter101

          Fruit is my choice, proscuitto wrapped melon (generic) but good for a dieter and still light. How about fruit skewers just a couple on small skewers and a light citrus yogurt sauce. You can flip over a cantelope you used for the skewers and poke the skewers it in so they stand up. Just a fun way to serve it. Easy to eat a light. Or a light citrus salad, orange, grapefruit, mint or watermelon and mint salad. Just light. And cheese yes critter, I totally agree, You can add simple bread, or crackers, or light toastes, bagle chips which are light and not heavy but the cheese is great to have with the fruit and as a simple appetizer. Also I like grilled veggies, I like to grill or roast slightly not over done some fresh cauli, eggplant, squash, mushrooms, etc and serve with a green goddess like dip (not bottled) It can be room temp and great as appetizers

        2. steamed chilled asparagus served with a lemony mayo

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          1. re: weezycom

            sounds yummy, but at least half of the people don't like mayo. i have some food vegetarian, one muslim, and lots of dieters....

            1. re: rizzo0904

              You can do a tahini-lemon juice-EVOO sauce instead and serve it on the side.

              1. re: weezycom

                The Goddess sala dressing from Trader Joes is exactly what you're after here. I use it in place of mayo and hollandaise all the time. It's yummy and creamy and definitely not mayo.

            2. re: weezycom


              I did this recipe recently for a crowd, and substituted thyme for the oregano and roasted the asparagus instead of steaming. It can be served room temp and is really beautiful. I had some blood oranges so I used those too.
              See photo.

            3. I agree with two suggestions already made as the menu seems a little protein heavy:
              critter101's idea the fruit platter which you could decorate with some cubes of cheese (gives the vegetarian some protein options)
              - K Churchill's grilled veggie idea

              does the muslim guest eat only halal meat?

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              1. re: salsailsa

                I'd do fruit kebabs with the caramel cream cheese dip, or a fruit tartlet....something to mix it up rather than just a fruit tray or bowl of fruit. Incorporating less typical fruits in a fruit tray (like blackberries, etc) can be a hit. I also like the proscuitto wrapped melon-simple yet you did mention a variety of individuals so it might not go over.

                I too, agree that it may be too protein-heavy-perhaps you could totally eliminate the chicken penne? Seems like in the bunch-that one stands out more as something that could go. Could be replaced with orzo, grape tomatos, kalamata olives, green and red peppers, artichokes and feta. Light and delicious. Or rid yourself of the toss salad.

                3 appy things, 1 main and a side like fruit, etc. with beverages is plenty.

                1. re: snoboardbabe77

                  I simple pasta, agree with protein heavy, a fresh pasta, pesto, chick peas, light. Love the orzo, tomatoes and olives, light and simple.

                  Tossed salad unless a lot of people like it. But doesn't always goes well at parties. Orzo or pastas seem to go better.

                  I love small plum tomatoes cut in half. I scoop out a little of the center a stuff with pancetta and herbed cheese. Fresh bite size, easy. Just cut a small slice off the bottom and they will stand up. Lots of options to make it lighter

              2. endive cups with chicken/ crab/ tuna salad.

                1. Chinese chicken salad with Soy Vey dressing. I would buy the chicken breasts cooked, shred and add celery, green onion, etc, etc. Sprinkle crunchy noodles and/or peanuts on top.