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May 9, 2009 07:53 AM

Finding Confectioner's Chocolate in Japan

I just can't find the right kind of chocolate to make bonbons with. I mean French truffles, molds with hazelnut centers, all the kind of stuff I could make back home in Canada. I'm sick of only being able to find that really terrible, cheap, sugary faux-chocolate that they have all over the shelves during Valentine's day -- where can I get the real stuff? Valrhona couveture chocolate?

And how much is it gonna cost me?


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    1. Cuoca carries Valrhona and other high quality chocolate for cooking. Cuoca is a store that specializes in all sorts of cooking supplies and ingredients. It's an excellent resource for those who love to bake. There are two locations in Tokyo - one in the B3 of Shinjuku Mitsukoshi Alcott, and one in Jiyugaoka. The home page, only in Japanese, is linked below: (Valrhona page with prices)

      1. Have you tried this site?

        If you search under ヴァローナ, you should find whatever Valrhona products your heart desires.

        Personally, though, I'd rather simply fly to Paris and get my chocolate shopping done over there.