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May 9, 2009 07:08 AM

Ethnic eats close to New Roc City or Cross County movie theatres

Any ideas? Has anyone tried the Bukhara Bistro on Meyer Ave in Yonkers? Used to go to La Herradura in New Rochelle but found the place has gone downhill on last two visits. Anything ethnic would be good. Thanks

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  1. Close to New Roc, try the Little Mexican Cafe on Main Street -- far better than La Herradura (the chicken enchiladas with mole are excellent) -- or Rangoli, very good Indian also on Main Street.

    1. la herradura is terrible now, compared to what it was two years ago. Sad.

      I like the carnitas tacos at El Michoacano. Very good. Sopes at Mexican Corner Restaurant used to be very good, though I haven't tried it in 2 years.

      1. There's a really good Korean BBQ place on Central Park Avenue. I think it''s Kang Suh or something.

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          And nowhere near the Cross County movie theaters which are several miles south. Options are limited at the mall. I hope as part of the renovations they add other options besides burger king, Applebees, the chinese pay per lb. buffet. The pizza place has upgraded and expanded but we have not tried it yet.

          We have been to the Indian place at its previous incarnation but not in its current Bukhara Bistro form as I thought the prices were high especially when they were charging for rice and walked out. They are still in business so we may give them a try for a weekend buffet.

        2. We ended up at New Roc City for a movie Saturday night & had received no replies...resorted to Coyote Flaco. The decor leaves a lot to be desired. They were about half full. My husband liked their selection of Mexican beers. I enjoyed my Margarita Grande on the rocks. For dinner we both had the Combo Poblano. One tamal and one chile relleno. Mine were cheese and ground meat stuffed. They were very tasty but definitely just run of the mill Mexican fare. Their salsa is very nice but the store bought chips stink. I like something more hearty & thick & at least tasting like they don't come straight off the Sysco truck! I'll have to try Little Mexican Cafe, El Michoacano & Mexican Corner Restaurant next.

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            I can't remember the name but I just remembered there is a peruvian restaurant on the Street the New Rochelle Library (Lawton?) is on that is quite good. We generally park by the library as it is free at night and easier to deal with than the New Roc lot.