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May 9, 2009 06:08 AM

Tonight - between Norwalk & Port Chester?

Hi all,

My husband and I are going to be heading back from Norwalk tonight in time for an early dinner, and I'd love some suggestions. I'll need some flexibility (not sure about timing or exact location) so the more suggestions the merrier! A few guidelines -

- No reservations required.
- Not dressy (jeans and t-shirts should be fine).
- Great food - ethnic is welcome, we like almost everything.
- Preferably no italian or seafood-only places.
- Relatively inexpensive - $25 or less for entrees would be preferred.

We live in Northern Westchester and we don't get "down-county" to eat as much as we'd like so we are looking forward to trying something new. Thanks!!

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  1. If you want a lighter meal you might try Meli-Melo on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich. A tiny place with great crepes, soups and salads. For a more substantial meal try EOS in Stamford for Greek food. There you can get anything from a sandwich (the grilled veggies is wonderful) to a full meal (try the lamb chops).

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    1. re: debmom

      Thanks - I'll put them on my list! Anyone else?

      1. re: kerryfood

        Do a search here under Port Chester.
        This place seems to fit your ideas to a "T":

    2. Is Q (barbecue) still open in Port Chester? If so, that is really casual and good eats but can get expensive for what it is so be careful ordering.

      1. A few places come to mind in the area, take your pick

        1. Byram (CT/NY border): go to BSF (Burgers Shakes and Fries). This is already quite a bit written here about BSF and you will get out for about $20 with dessert.

        2. Pollo alla Brasa, right next to Q in Port Chester. Cheap, quick and tasty. Lomo saltado is also good there. Cheap cheap cheap

        3. Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk. Small place but yummy.

        Those are my (late) suggestions. Wherever you go, enjoy!