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May 9, 2009 06:07 AM

What goes under lox?

Bagels are obvious, but what else do you use as underpinning for lox / gravlax / cold smoked salmon?

And what for embellishments? At the last brunch I was invited to they served bagels, cream cheese, thin shreds of red onion, and capers.

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  1. Add tomatoes and you are all set.

    1. I mince the onion (always red) and I might put a droplet or three of lemon juice over the bite. No tomato for me thanks.

      1. Bagels are one option, though I love the Rye Crisps as well. When I was a kid in NYC, lox were served with a soft cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes and red onion, and capers. In France, they serve smoked salmon with a wedge of lemon, capers, hard boiled egg and a frisee salad, accompanied by a fresh baguette.

        1. No hard fast rules. I'm cold smoking two fillets as I type.

          All most always it's cream cheese. Bread can be a bagel or other breads like rye, pumpernickel, a round of baguette or what ever interesting bread we have at the time. Embellishments can be red onions, capers, a big slice of tomato, dill, fennel tops, olives.....what ever we have and sounds good. Sometimes we eat it without bread. I've even used it for sushi when given a very light or no smoke.

          1. From the ground up

            Cream cheese (1/4 in)
            Red diced onions
            Hard boiled eggs diced
            Tomato slice
            Lemon juice

            Open wide - hmmmm
            Happy eating indeed