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What goes under lox?

Bagels are obvious, but what else do you use as underpinning for lox / gravlax / cold smoked salmon?

And what for embellishments? At the last brunch I was invited to they served bagels, cream cheese, thin shreds of red onion, and capers.

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  1. Add tomatoes and you are all set.

    1. I mince the onion (always red) and I might put a droplet or three of lemon juice over the bite. No tomato for me thanks.

      1. Bagels are one option, though I love the Rye Crisps as well. When I was a kid in NYC, lox were served with a soft cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes and red onion, and capers. In France, they serve smoked salmon with a wedge of lemon, capers, hard boiled egg and a frisee salad, accompanied by a fresh baguette.

        1. No hard fast rules. I'm cold smoking two fillets as I type.

          All most always it's cream cheese. Bread can be a bagel or other breads like rye, pumpernickel, a round of baguette or what ever interesting bread we have at the time. Embellishments can be red onions, capers, a big slice of tomato, dill, fennel tops, olives.....what ever we have and sounds good. Sometimes we eat it without bread. I've even used it for sushi when given a very light or no smoke.

          1. From the ground up

            Cream cheese (1/4 in)
            Red diced onions
            Hard boiled eggs diced
            Tomato slice
            Lemon juice

            Open wide - hmmmm
            Happy eating indeed

            1. Well this could be brunch, I like to take a good Italian bread or a good pumpernickle my favorite, I use a creamy herbed cheese fresh arubula and the salmon and then topped with a good gruyere, topped and then pressed as a thin sandwich, cut in quarters and makes an excellent light sandwich. I have done the same on a croissant which is also good, I like to add some fresh dill before I add the gruyere and grill. I like to press mine as a panini.

              I have also used a green goddess dressing, thin sliced red onion, salmon, olives and cheese and then grilled. You can really use whatever bread you like best.

              I also make thin egg muffins. Ok, let me explain, I use a store bought buttermilk biscuit and place in the bottom of a greased muffin tin, then I top it with thin slices of smoked salmon, then eggs, mixed with a little softened herbed cheese, a little water to give it some height and chives. Then bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Then should puff out like little muffins. Then I top with red onion slice, sour cream with a mix of dill and capers.

              Neat interesting way to do the same as a bagle but different. Just fun. This can also be done is small ramikens. Just a lot of fun.

              Salmon cucumbers, goat cheese, arugula and fresh tomatoes is also very good. for a quick sandwich.

              I put smoked salmon in my scrambled eggs with fresh spinach all the time and then top the egg mix on a pre baked pizza crust spread with of course cream fraische some fresh dill and then topped with fresh red onions thin sliced and fresh very thin tomato slices, Topped with a little fresh gruyere and baked just until the cheese melts. Cut into slices and a great breakfast pizza. This is perfect with a great fruit citrus salad. Easy quick and really different. I actually use the pre bought pizza crusts boboli or whatever, but for company I would make my own or buy dough from a pizza store. But this works pretty good.

              1. I saw Sara Moulton make a Reuben with Smoked salmon in place of the corned beef. Have not tried it yet but it looked tasty.

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                  Smoked salmon reubens are great, but I like to make them thinner more as a panini. Too thick is too much salmon and is too much, but yes it is a good sandwich. Been making that as long as turkey reubens. I love them. Grouper reubens too. Very nice with the kraut

                2. Dark German rye, cream cheese, or chevre, capers, dill and salmon roe.
                  see photo:

                  1. Add a slice of muenster cheese to the bagel (toasted onion, please), cream cheese, lox, sliced tomato, rings of red onion, capers, squeeze of lemon juice, cracked pepper, a bit of sea salt, and I'm happy!

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                      Plain, onion, pumpernickel or sesame bagel, cream cheese, nova salmon (plain lox too salty), red onion, tomato -- and that's all! Also like the above on good pumpernickel. One of my friends makes delicious scrambled eggs with onions and lox, but that's another story!

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                        Finally, someone else who likes to add a slice of cheese. I mentioned a slice of swiss as a topper to hold everything in place and got no support.. Muenster is another great choice. But it's got to be the last layer on top, well separated from the cream cheese.

                      2. Cream cheese and water bagel. Period.

                        1. sandwich: whole wheat bread smeared with cream cheese, fried egg, paper-thin sliced red onions, sprinkle of capers

                          1. Toast points, Triscuts, Wheat Thins, Carr's assortments, all good.

                            1. Made some wraps for a little Mother's Day picnic--Flour tortillas, grainy honey mustard, thin sliced cucumbers, gravlax, and roasted red peppers.

                              1. Latkes, rosti, roasted potatoes. And I'm in the pro-tomato camp. :)

                                1. Onion bagel toasted, double whipped cream cheese and the highest quality lox available.

                                  1. I dearly love lox on a bagel. (Although no bagel has ever quite matched the bagels of my youth - Eagerman's in suburban Boston.)

                                    That said, lox goes well in Oshizushi - pressed sushi. A thin layer lends a nice layer of flavor and looks good too. Some people (as you no doubt already know) like lox in scrambled eggs.

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                                      Eagerman's -- what a great memory. Living in RI, to us Eagerman's was one of those "big city" Boston bakeries. Eagerman's had great pastries too.

                                      Also, they spelled bagel baigel. The things we remember.

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                                        When I lived in B,C., I used to order smoked salmon from a First Nations group on the Queen Charlottes who had made selling smoked fish into a commercial enterprise. I would order it my phone,and became friendly with the woman taking the orders at the other end.

                                        One day, she said to me "Why don't you try the cold smoked salmon the way we Natives do? Toast half a bagel, smear it with cream choose and top it wish slices of the salmon." I have happily followed this old tradition ever since,

                                        Incidentally, there seem to be people here in Toronto who prefer Montreal bagels to local ones. I can't see it. If I want a small, sweet roll, that's what I'll ask for.