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May 9, 2009 06:02 AM

Italian tapas?

I'm going to a ciccheti party this evening -- Italian tapas. We're all bringing a dish or two and I'd love to bring something that had a few in-season ingredients (which, around here, is not too much yet. Headed to the market -- I may find all manner of greens, perhaps asparagus, some 'shrooms) but at the very least I'd like to avoid things that are flagrantly out of season (like tomatoes). Any ideas?

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  1. Marinated -

    Olives (do your own)
    White beans
    Fava beans
    Roasted peppers
    Mediterranean tapanade (chopped olives, capers, tomatoes, basil, etc)

    Sounds like fun and
    Happy eating!

    1. Grilled vegetables -- peppers, zucchini, asparagus, then marinated in some olive oil, a bit of white Balsamic, garlic & herbs.

      Fegato -- homemade chicken liver paté served with crostini

      Porcini tapenade

      1. blanched asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.
        raddicchio leaves, stuffed with italian style tuna salad
        white bean or chickpea spread on toasts