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May 9, 2009 05:44 AM

Where to buy heirloom tomato seedlings in Westchester/FFC?

Why let restaurants get all the glory? I want to grow my own heirloom tomatoes this year. Does anyone have a trusted plant nursery to share? Live in Port Chester but we enjoy a drive, so anywhere in Westchester/Putnam/Fairfield counties, or neighboring.

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  1. Gilberties Herb Gardens in Westport has a small variety. I ended up buying mine on-line from
    They have over 150 varieties and ship them to you when they are ready to go in the ground. I've never used them before, so hopefully it will work out!

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      Teatown Plant Sale today had a lot of heirlooms - probably from Gilberties (where they get their herb plants). I think the plant sale's open until 4pm today, if you happen to get this info in time.

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        From FL, but I also bought online from My friend knows someone from their so I got a slight discount. They were very nice. Burpee for seeds and a couple of local growers. But were very nice. I got very good results from them. If near Port Chester I guess there is a good farmers market and my friend gets all kinds of varieties there every year. I'm not sure but my guess is Memorial Day weekend would be opening day unlike most outdoor things up north. From MI, and opening day for most everything was Memorial Day. Just a thought. Don't know how far away you are, but he gets alot there

      2. If you really don't mind driving, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection at Robert Treat Farm in Milford, CT (one town over the line from FFC). Picked up an Opalka (Polish heirloom), Green Zebra, Caspian Pink. They also had Brandywines, Cherokee Purple, and about a billion other heirloom varieties. They're pricey - four single seedlings for $10, but they look very good.

        If interested,

        1. Call Mariani's in Armonk. We got some wonderful bulbs there in the fall. They were very helpful and now we are watching as our new wonderful bulbs bloom. It is a rather interesting place that also has a nice little restaurant. Great place to stop for breakfast or lunch and pick up what you are looking for.

          1. if you live in Port Chester, wait 2 weeks or so and you'll have a ton of tomato seedlings to choose from at the Greenwich Farmers market. Go to the organic farmers market stand (there's only one, and he's got the big blue tent). He sells a ton of different heirloom varieties. About 8 inches tall, $3 each. Brandywines, Cherokee Purples and loads of lesser known varieties. I've had great success from his seedlings..

            The Greenwich Farmers market is in the parking lot right off of exit 3 (north side of 95, adjacent to the train station. They are open saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to around 1 or so. i think the first saturday it's open for the year is Memorial Day weekend.

            1. You might give a ring to White Flower Farm in Litchfield. It'll be a nice ride-if they have them.

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                White Flower Farm is breathtaking. Last year, they hosted a tomato festival. Haven't gotten any notice yet this year.