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May 9, 2009 05:05 AM

Old Coldstone/Wayne & US30

There's construction action going on in the vacated Coldstone space in the town center of Wayne. Does anybody know the skinny? Is it going to be a restaurant? Or just another over-specialized boutique that appeals to .5% of the population?

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  1. It's not a Cold Stone anymore? I thought that location would be a goldmine with all the restaurants and movie theater right there. I have good memories of that place, having worked there when it was Sweet Daddy's. If you had ice cream there in the 1998-2000 era, chances are it was made by me! V-2 Sammy, Cinnamon, 3 Ring Circus, Teaberry... I can taste them now...:(

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    1. re: 94Bravo

      ooooh, teaberry! i had a teaberry cone this week from a little place up above reading. perhaps not the quintessential teaberry they used to make, but darn fine! your email caused a remembery, thanks.

      can anyone tell me if teaberry ice cream is available anywhere nearer here?

      1. re: 94Bravo

        Hear, hear! Its a great location but must be occupied by a legendary team like the Coopers who made Sweet Daddy's the local icon we remember. What a fantastic establishment!

        John and Marilyn sold it to a young South African couple, Aynne and Andre, who later sold it to become the short-lived and pitiful Blackbird Bakery (with their hand-scrawled brown paper ads in the window). Then, there was equally short-lived Meredith's Market and later Cold Stone - both of the latter intriguing but overpriced

        I have no idea what is going in there but I'll ask around. And, yes, 94Bravo, you probably served me Teaberry and Cinnamon cups personally - with the obligatory wedge (or two) of Oblaten . I certainly hung around there enough.


        1. re: Chefpaulo

          Oh, how I miss Sweet Daddy's and their 2x4 Chocolate!! The only redeemable thing about Blackbird Bakery was their maple oat scones, which were the best I have ever had. We need another legitimate ice cream store on the Main Line - especially for those who want good frozen treats east of Handel's!

        2. re: 94Bravo

          Sweet Daddy's was so much better than Coldstone ever is... top quality ice cream... Cinnamon, yummmm!

          1. re: LPhila

            Rumor has it that a salad place is going on to the old Coldstone

            1. re: the dog ate my homework

              I drove by today and it is being gutted to be a health spa.

              Nice relaxing corner - Rt. 30 and Wayne Ave. I hope its adequately soundproofed against those big rigs and the fire station around the corner or we may be seeing another vacancy soon.

              Sweet Daddy's, please come back.


              1. re: Chefpaulo

                I wish the place luck, but I don't understand why they'd choose that location or even the need for another spa. There are plenty of them in Radnor already (BC3000, Ame, Harmonia, to name a few). The only time clients will be able to find a place to park will be before 11 am....after 3 pm...but before 6 pm. And, forget about finding a spot on Saturdays.