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May 8, 2009 09:35 PM

Sunday night in New Orleans..

Hounds: I will be in New Orleans very briefly later in the summer (arriving Saturday late night, going home mid-afternoon Monday...). The occasion is a special one, but it is a short trip due to work issues. DH had his heart set on BarBQued shrimp from Pascale Manale's, which he ate once and still talks about seven years later...but alas, it seems the restaurant is closed on Sunday. And my arrival Sat. is definitely after dinner....

So, since we are celebrating my son's start in Medical School at Tulane, can anyone think of a nice place to take him to dinner that's open Sunday night for one last dinner before the grind starts?? Mid-price level is best...I know there are plenty of good places in New Orleans, but since I haven't been there post-Katrina I want to know what's good now...(and of course open on Sunday).

Don't worry about those BarBQ shrimp...with son there at least the next four years there will be other trips. Besides, DH arrives before I do (he is driving out with son) so maybe they can go there Sat. night and tell me all about it when they pick me up at the airport later...

Of course, anywhere else with good barbq shrimp is good too...We will have a car...

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  1. Stella, Galatoire's, and Mandina's are open on Sunday night. I'm not sure if they're open, but if Crazy Johnny's has great bbq shrimp. It's in Metairie, though.

    1. Mr. B's is open on sunday nite, and they have fabulous BBQ shrimp.

      Mr B's Bistro
      201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

      1. Luke comes to mind. I believe that they are open until 11:00 p.m. daily, so even a late Saturday dinner (with reservations) may be an option depending on how late your flight is. +1 on Mandinas, although they close relatively early on Sunday evenings. I also love Dantes Kitchen Uptown. They are reasonable and have a great menu selection.

        1. Emeril's. You'll find the prices in our fine dining rest. to be quite reasonable compared with most cities.

          1. I would second Dante's Kitchen. Great food, and quite reasonable. And their Shrimp & Grits is one of the best dishes I had in NOLA.