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May 8, 2009 09:27 PM

What food find still haunts you - that you had once and haven't found since?

For me it would be Cuban toast at some little shop off Alligator Alley in South Florida... long Cuban bread, halved, doused in butter and put through the sandwich-shop moving broiler till toasty, but the owner said somehow mojo criollo was involved (!), and then topped with huge portions of guava jelly and with the halves smushed face-to-face inside a little baker's-paper wrapper.

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  1. A white chocolate mousse drizzled with raspberry puree. I had it at a street festival in San Francisco. My friends and I bought one to share, and it was so exquisite we went back and bought one more for each of us. It has to be twenty years and I can still almost taste it...

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      The moment I saw this topic I thought of this white chocolate cake, almost cheescake, in a raspberry puree that I got every time I went to a restaurant called Ichabod's on the Upper East Side of Manahattan. It was in the eighties and I was very young, but I still remember it. I thought it was so sophisticated and innnovative! Ha! Such a similar memory to yours.

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        Many many years ago while I was studying at New York University, there was a tiny cellar Greek Tavern on West 4th Street, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, that prepared a Shrimp Saganaki to die for.

        It had gone out of business and we never were able to enquire whether the Chef and / or Owner had opened another Greek Tavern or the Chef got another job ... This goes back to the late 1970s ( 1978 ).

        I just remember it was as if one was sitting in Greece, looking at the Blue Blue Sea with the white domed architectural dwellings on Santorini, It transported my olfactory and all my senses.

        Any native New Yorkers recall this tiny 12 table cellar Greek Tavern ?

        The Name of the venue began with the LETTER " i "

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      1. A absoutley INCREDILBLE white pizza I had once while catching a quick lunch on a school trip in colledge while we waited for the ferry to take us to our next stop. Don't remember exactly where but we we going to Long Island.

        A great Cane vinegar from the Marquesas That I found in a now defunct gourmet store. Looked like a wine bottle and had a graphic of a bunch of sugarcane on the label. I use Steen's now but this one was better.

      2. When I was a kid, there was an ice-cream shop in Gulfport, MS name Stone's Ice Cream. Now this has been way-many years ago, but my taste bud memories will always remember their hot-fudge as being the most luxurious, rich, creamy, milk chocolate colored sauce that actually "draped" the ice-cream rather than running off into a puddle, leaving little veins of nasty dark syrup behind.

        Like MsMaryMc, I can still almost taste it (and it's been more years than 20) and would pay large $$$ to know how it was made. Knowing now that coffee can be added to choco to deepen the flavor - well, I wonder if Mr and Mrs Stone figured this out way back when. But I'm still not sure how they managed to have the sauce seemingly "stick" to the ice-cream.

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          Back in the mists of yesteryear, there was a place in Palo Alto - Edy's I think it was - that served a sundae which had a cold fudge-like sauce. This sauce was semi-solid and was scooped over the ice cream rather than poured. It was memorable.

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            Sorry to interrupt. Recipes are off-topic for the General Topics board, so we've split off a gfr1111's reply to this message to our Home Cooking board. You'll find gfr1111's recipe here: .

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              must've been real fudge, no filler. like the joy of cooking fudge icing recipe, which is just fudges thinned out. you could thin it out a little more.
              so, like, 2 0z. chopped bittersweet and maybe 2 c sugar, and say 1 1/2-2 c. milk, and let 'er boil 5 min til the soft-ball stage (set up some cold water and keep dropping some in til you can make a little soft ball with your fingers. at first it'll just dissolve)
              take it out, through in 3 tbsp or so of butter, vanilla if you have it and stir like hell til it's smooth. and before it becomes too thick, pour it over the ice cream. if it thickens, as weird al says, re-heat it. and if that fudge syrup don't drape, it'll still taste good. i mean mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird. or something.

            2. I was eleven, visiting my mothers home country (USA) for the first time - I was taken by an uncle to an ice-cream place and I ate a bowl of vanilla ice cream with blueberries and custard. It sounds so simple but I've never managed to reproduce the texture and taste of that perfect sundae.

              1. There was a place in Hollywood Florida called Gustos and they served the best honey cilantro chicken wings, I have tried many time to get it just right, but never as good as Gustos ( which is no longer open)