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May 8, 2009 09:17 PM

Lotus of Siam - help me decide this year's....

Making my annual to LOS. Always start with the Nam Kao Tod because there's nothing similar to it at my local (Baton Rouge) Thai restos. Have also had the Kang Omm a few years ago and the whole fried catfish last year.

What should be my next "try" at LOS? Nominations are welcome (and thanked in advance).

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  1. How about Sai Oua? It's a northern thai style sausage that's one of my current favs. And the sticky rice with mangos & coconut ice cream, perfect ending at LOS.

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      The Thai Beef Salad (Yam Neua) is phenominal. The waiter said it was one of his favorites last time we were there.

    2. We can submit "Nua Yang Prik Thai Onn" as a newer dish that is worth a try. Beef is first quickly seared on the grill, then stir fried with a variety of vegetables and sprigs of young green peppercorns. Wonderful fragrance and a lot of different spices working, Even better if you scrape the peppercorns off of the sprigs and eat them whole as a part of the dish.

      1. I'd try the hoh mok sea bass (steamed fish with cabbage, egg, and chilii paste) or, if you can't get in Baton Rouge, the khao soi with chicken or short ribs or, even better --- both!

        1. I cannot imagine a visit to LOS without the mushroom dip or green chili dip to start things off. Or both!

          1. I only wish I'd been more hungry today. Had the usual starter (Nam Kao Tod) - great as usual. Decided to try the Khao Sai with the short ribs. Fantastic. Thanks for all the feedback.