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May 8, 2009 09:02 PM

Seafood Market South Florida?

Hey everyone,

Could you please help me find a respectable seafood market in the South Florida area that has sushi quality fish? I live in Boca Raton, but I would be willing to drive 30 minutes north or south.

I usually go to Whole Foods, but there stuff is pretty run-of-the-mill and I hate how they cut the tuna in steaks instead of loin pieces for searing. I've also been dying to find some head on shrimp, langosteens, prawns, or exotic crustaceans.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

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  1. I would suggest you check out Captain Frank's in south Boynton Beach.

    It's not cheap but not as high as W/F - and the quality is always good. I've seen W/F on occasion have mahi and other fish on display with brown bloodlines - an easy clue it's been around too long. Easy fresh fish test: Bloodlines (the reddish part going down the center line of a filet) should be red; not brown.

    Frank's also has a very good selection of shellfish including Maine/PEI mussels, oysters, steamers (soft clams) and various size hard clams. Plus of course shrimp, stones, live ME lobsters and usually both live and soft-shell blue crabs.

    Located on Woolbright Boulevard just a few hundred yards East of that exit off I-95, easy to get to from Boca. 561 732 3663

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    1. re: CFByrne

      I agree Franks is definatley top three in a 25 mile radius.

      1. re: bigdnotemeril

        FYI Captain Franks is closed for their annual "slow season" vacation.

        Sign says they'll reopen on Oct 1.

    2. Call Triar in Hollywood.

      Triar Seafood Company
      2046 McKinley St. #7 (off dixie highway)
      Hollywood Fl 33020

      M-Th 7-7
      F 7-noon

      1. the Boys Market on Atlantic Ave just north of Military has a great fish counter.

        1. Chef-recommended spot for impeccably fresh seafood, just south of Boca:

          Pop's Fish Market
          131 W Hillsboro Blvd
          Deerfield Beach FL
          Phone: 954-427-1331

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          1. re: culinarynomad

            I'll second this recommendation. I've always been pleased with the quality at Pop's, and it is nice and close to Boca Raton.

          2. The Fish Peddler commercial just east of Federal