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May 8, 2009 08:51 PM

Pizza Fusion- Leawood, KS

Good salad, pizza and decent wine. Mostly organic. Reasonable. They even have Boylan's soda on their machine which I've never seen before. Bartender was a deer in headlights, but nice. It's a corporate franchise and I like it. Check it out.

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  1. Drove past it and noticed it for the first time last night. Had supper at One Bite instead.

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    1. I was disappointed by the Pizza Fusion menu when we stopped by after eating at Mandarinism. All the specialty pies are tomato based, no "white" pizza choices at all. So, in order to get a white, olive oil or pesto based pie, you have to build it from the a la carte menu, which ends up costing about double what Spin or Pizza Bella do on their specialty menus. Until corporate includes non tomato choices on the menu at a good price, I won't be eating there. Big oversight, IMO.

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        Their pizzas are pricey, even the regular ones off the menu but they are a very good if you want organic or vegan pizza. I've been on an elimination diet for my son who has food allergies to milk, egg and nuts. Pizza is one of many foods I miss a lot and so when I found out they had soy mozzarella, I had to try it out.

        I've been sampling different soy/rice cheese at the supermarket and many are pretty awful.The soy mozzarella Pizza Fusion is actually pretty good. We were surprised how tasty the pizza was. My husband got the regular mozzarella cheese pizza another time and he enjoyed it. Their pizzas are rectangular which irritates me, but they have a tasty thin crust. I was a little worried that some uppity, vegan nazi staff might raise an eyebrow with a vegan pizza order with sausage but they were very friendly. The two times we ordered pizza, there were wide variation in the toppings. The first time we had eggplant and sausage toppings, they were these itty bitty pieces. When my husband ordered a regular sausage pizza another time, the pieces were much bigger. I think they were trying to work out the kinks. The salad (pear and gorganzola along with fusion) was was kind of ok. It was when they first opened up in March or April and the tomato and pear was pretty hard and tasteless. Probably with summer, the salad will be better. Not sure how much emphasis is on obtaining local produce when the main focus is environment and sustainability.

        We'll most likely go to Pizza Fusion again because it is hard to eat out with diet restrictions but it is rather expensive.

        1. re: vsoy

          Yeah, allergies are my frustration with the lack of tomato free options on the specialties (a little more reasonably priced) menu. I'm allergic to tomato. When my work gets less harried, I may write corporate. I'd like to try them out, but $25+ for the pizza alone is prohibitive.

        2. re: amyzan

          Actually, you can order any of their specialty pizzas and sub tomato sauce with pesto, olive oil or whatever else they have. Talk to your server or a manager about substitutions...they are VERY accomodating.

        3. Had lunch there today.
          The servers were nice.
          The food was unremarkable.
          I would not make a special trip
          to 135 St. for their pizza.
          It does give options to vegan
          and gluten-free pizza eaters.
          For those two groups or S. JO CO
          residents, it would be an ok

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          1. re: jm054

            I saw gluten free and vegan options on the menu and I asked them about it. What I didn't see was anything that was $25. I had a tasty arugula, beet and goat cheese salad, a personal pizza and 2 glasses of wine, mostly organic, for $35. I think that's reasonable. Organic food is expensive in this country. It shouldn't be, but that's the way it is here. The place is not trying to corner Pizza Hut or Domino's market share. Will I eat there on my birthday? No. It's a nice, casual, semi-quick meal to grab when you're in the area. I'm just glad we're starting to see some of this eco-friendly concept, especially from the corporate sector.

            1. re: inbiz

              inbiz, I am talking not about any of the specialty pizzas being $25, but about the necessity of building one from their menu at that cost. I added up the ingredients on, for instance, one of Spin's white pies, roasted chicken with goat cheese, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and parm in order to compare. Hopefully I have enough credit with you believe me in saying that pie adds up to more than double the cost at Spin, which is $11.45. (If you build the same pie from the a la carte menu at Spin, it costs more, too. This is the savings, hence appeal, of a specialty pizza menu. They essentially throw in a couple extra toppings without charging.) I'm not asking Pizza Fusion to match such a price, as theirs is organic. Rather, I'm hoping they expand the menu of specialty pies to include white options at a slightly lower price than the same would be added up from the make your own menu.

              I'm glad we're seeing this concept, too. I look forward to their offering more variety on the specialty pizza menu, in which case I'd give them a go.

              1. re: amyzan

                That is quite a bit, even for the larger pie. I was thinking of building one the next time we go. I hope it's nowhere near that. You can't even subtract/add to a specialty pie (which might be cheaper) 'cause they don't have your sauce. I'm sure they'll appreciate the input. Our farming practices and cheap toxic food get me wound, but most aren't into those issues. I eat organically at home and I wish there were more options when I eat out.

          2. After veg grrrl hepped me to PF's willingness to sub on the specialties menu, we had dinner there tonight. The beet and arugula salad was fresh and tasty with a raspberry dressing, generous with toasted walnuts. We had the founders pizza off the specialty menu, subbing garlic olive oil for the tomato sauce, and leaving off the gorgonzola. It was just okay, really, but might have been better with the tomato sauce and gorgonzola, to be fair. (It included roasted red onion, black olive, chicken breast, mozzarella and provolone. We sprinkled it generouly with red pepper flakes, because they were the mildest red pepper I've ever had?) I find their crust a little bland, and don't care for the rectangular shape as there's no chewy, oily first bite from the center of the pie.

            We'll probably go back for that beet and arugula salad, and may try a different pie, maybe with pesto next time. It's more expensive than the locally owned pizza places, but we're willing to pay that if we happen on a comparably tasty pizza, which we didn't on our first visit to Pizza Fusion. It's worth a second try, definitely.

            One other note--we had a great server named Liz. She was gracious, accomodating and attentive.

            1. I wanted to mention that we went for lunch today and discovered PF has a good lunch special. $8 for a personal one topping pie with any sauce (tomato, pesto, olive oil) and any crust (white, gluten free or multigrain) and their standard cheese blend, a soda or iced tea, and choice of three different side salads (PF mixed, caesar w/o chix, or beet and arugula.) For the options offered, this is quite reasonable for mostly organic ingredients. I was impressed they're giving Spin a run for the customer's money with this lunch special. I hope it works for them and they stick around, because it's nice to have choices for pizza in JoCo.

              The pesto pie on multigrain was much tastier than my pervious experience with the founder's pie on white. It's still not on par with Pizza Bella, but PF has it's virtues for some of us, wth special diets, for instance. That arugula salad is fantastic, and their green tea was fresh, so came away happy. Good service, too.