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May 8, 2009 08:28 PM

Your favorite simple summer main course salad

I made a grilled shrimp on mesclun greens with a peanut-coconut dressing. I was pleasantly surprised and it was super tasty. So now I'm looking for more ideas on easy main course salads. What are your favorite summer time salads?

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  1. Mixed greens with:
    * roasted walnuts or pecans
    * choped apples or pears
    * crumbled goat cheese or blue cheese
    * currants
    * lemon/olive oil dressing (w/bit of sugar to balance, salt, pepper).

    You can throw chicken into the mix as well (I found it tasted best poached)

    1. Sounds delicious, can you share the recipe for that dressing Green Omnivore?

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      1. re: pancake

        Peanut dressing
        2 tbsp coconut milk (unsweetened)
        2 tbsp lime juice (or lemon)
        1 tbsp peanut butter
        a splash of soy sauce (or until desired tastiness, you could also use fish sauce too)
        1 tbsp water
        tiny drizzle of toasted sesame oil

        Mix it all together and just keep tasting and adding components until delicious.

        I posted some pics of the salad on my blog if you're interested :-)

      2. S/He Sells SeaShells
        Shell pasta tossed with chopped up Cajun style BBQ Shrimp, frozen peas, radishes, diced celery and mayo (if you want spice add a bit of curry powder to the mayo). S&P to taste.

        1. Grilled chicken, cut into bite sized pieces, over romaine. Chopped avocado and orange segments, scallion, olives. Whip up a very acidic vinagrette, pour, serve. What I love is how the avocado kind of mushes into everything to add a creaminess which is offset by the acid of the dressing and the oranges.

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          1. A Cobb salad works for me.