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May 8, 2009 07:29 PM

Source for Spit-Roasting Whole Lamb? (Bay Area)

Hey. Anyone out there know an SF Bay Area (and/or Davis area) caterer who's knowlegable and skilled at spit-roasting whole (stuffed?) lamb? Alternatively, anyone know where I might rent the proper equipment and what would be a reasonable price for such rental? Thanks!

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    1. re: wolfe

      Thanks for the tip! And I recognize that ranchers may have suggestions/connections too (I will post any I hear of)

      As there will be Muslim and Jewish guests, I'd greatly prefer a rig that's not touched pork.

      I will, however, welcome any and all suggestions, as it might be possible to purify the rig (have to find out). I already did a chowhound search for "spit roast" but didn't find anything suitable in the Bay Area or Davis area. I'll double check in case I missed something.

      1. re: chowwow

        It can be done but it requires a blow torch.

        1. re: chowwow

          Then you might want to contact halal butchers and/or halal restaurants. Two I've liked recently are Eden's Turkish Food in SF and Sajj in San Bruno. It's my understanding that the halal lamb in this area is from Dixon, Stockton and Freno.

      2. Dixon has a lamb festival, try googling it and maybe the festival people will provide contacts.

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        1. re: Alan408

          Thanks much, Alan408. Didn't know that, and Dixon is actually a possible location for our event!

          Any other tips are still welcome!....

          1. re: Alan408

            Still haven't heard back from the Dixon lamb festival folks (the festival is in early October and descriptions sound very tempting). Anyone out there know of local spit-rosting gurus? Or ever built a rig for spit-roasting larger meats over open fire? I've done some seraching on the web, but nothing helps like a real, live expert to show you how...!

            1. re: chowwow

              There is a supermarket in Dixon, Hometown, the manager (owner?) is often working a register, and there are Ace Hardware and Tractor Supply stores in town, I suspect senior employees in those stores would have some local knowledge.

          2. Here's some third-hand information: a couple of years ago a friend was looking into a similar thing and she was talking with the guy at Zatar in Berkeley about it. Sorry, I don't remember and/or didn't know any more than that and she never went through with it.

            1. The Carneros Wine Alliance is doing a Sonoma vs Napa chef lamb throwdown this weekend, might give you a few ideas.


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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Fantastic! Thank you Melanie (and all others!). I will try to get up there and, if I do so, I promise to report back.

              2. Did you ever find a spit roast caterer? I'd like to do this and any tips would be welcome!

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                1. re: purpleceline

                  I think I saw a sign at Sunshine deli.