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May 8, 2009 04:45 PM

Nishi Japanese Restaurant - Ardsley, NY

We went to Nishi last night for dinner. Maybe it was because I wasn't feeling so well that I craved something hot and homey. I was going to order their seafood nabe but then I remembered their chawanmushi. It's a steamed egg custard with dashi, chicken, shiitake & enoki mushroom, kamaboko and mitsuba. It definitely hit the spot. I bypassed the seafood nabe and went for the bento box. Nothing special but good quality salmon teriyaki, salad, salmon, tuna, mackerel sashimi, tatsuta age, and miso soup. My wife and I both commented on how good the miso soup was. You can actually taste the soy bean. She had the sashimi platter which left enough room for some green tea ice cream.

On our way out the waitress thanked us for coming and mentioned how dinner crowd has been sparse. I sure hope Nishi survives this economy. I don't want to lose a quality Japanese restaurant in Westchester.

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  1. I went back for dinner tonight. I saw a small hand written menu in Japanese and asked the waitress about it. She translated most of the items and they turned out to be izakaya style items. Anchovy over grated turnip, sliced duck breast in ponzu sauce, grilled Berkshire pork sausage, spicy flyfish roe on sticky mountain yam, bamboo shoot with fragrant leaf sauce, grilled slices of beef tongue and fluke sashimi. AFAIK this is the only place in Westchester that offers these items. I'm definitely going back try out the rest of the menu.

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      They are great! A lot of people don't know about NIshi because it's basically hidden. But it's so true, you are so missing out if you don't ask about the hand written menu!!!! That's where all the goodies are! You must try the grilled yellowtail head (?? I think that's how you'd translate it! Its called Buri Kama Shioyaki)!!!! It's amazingly moist and has the best flavor!

      A few years ago, they found my review on Yelp and they were so grateful. They are very good to their customers!

      Try their lunch specials. I think Tuesdays are "Menchi Katsu" -Ground beef patty Katsu (coated in Japanese bread crumbs and deep fried)... I really don't see this dish around a lot. They also have Katsu Curry as a special sometimes. It's just such a great deal! So much food for like 10 bucks!

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        Is Buri Kama Shioyaki the same as Hamachi Kama?

        We chatted with the waitress/owner for a while. She was very nice. They live in the area so anything to help a local establishment especially one serves great food.

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          Yes its the same thing! hamachi=buri=yellowtail
          They are super nice :-) and the food is so authentic!

    2. Can someone tell me where this place is exactly?

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        Of course! Google Earth is your friend. Here you go:
        473 Ashford Avenue
        Ardsley, NY 10502

        Right where Ashford Ave intersects with Saw Mill River Road (Rte 9A). There's a plaza right in front of you, it's in there. Enjoy!

        Also here:

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          Oh this is the place that's near the old Captain Video I think. If so, I've heard very very good things. I have Japanese friends and this is the only place they will go for sushi. I must try it!

          1. re: Lolasartre

            You may be thinking of Sazan (which is also good) but not Nishi...

      2. Quick FYI -

        Nishi will be open on Saturdays starting this weekend!