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May 8, 2009 04:35 PM

Ethiopian in DFW

I'm a relatively new transplant from Los Angeles and I've been searching for some good Ethiopian. I've been to Queen of Sheba in Addison...great service, but just decent food. Any other recs?

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  1. If you are expecting white table-cloth service, you are not going to enjoy these, they are very real otherwise:

    Dallul Ethio-Italian Restaurant and Bar
    2515 Inwood Road, Dallas

    7015 Greenville Ave., Dallas

    1. Addis Abeba in Richardson (75@Beltline behind 7/11 if you enter from Beltline)

      We go there once a month and love their beef wot. Their Kifto is also good.

      The only thing is when we were there a few days ago we noticed their food changed a bit (it was less spicy and wasn't as good as it used to). They used to serve the salad on injera along with wot and other dishes, but they didn't this time and I had to ask for it. They also used to have lettuce wrapped with the beef in Kifto, but not this time. The waitress had changed, too.

      I asked the waitress if the chef changed and she said no.