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May 8, 2009 03:24 PM

Upscale bar/lounge in Montreal serving innovative cocktails, where people over 35 years of age won't feel out of place?

What upscale bars/lounges would you recommend for innovative cocktails? Preferably not a meat market and preferably not on Crescent Street.

Are there any places you would recommend within walking distance of Lemeac or Milos?

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  1. You could try Barmacie, probably the only place within walking distance of Lemeac or milos

    1. Is Whisky Cafe still open at the corner of Bernard and St. Laurent? If so, that would fit the bill pretty well I'd say. Google Maps says it is 1 km from Milos. You could walk down Bernard, there might be a couple of newer places that you could check out on the way.

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      1. re: Keramel

        For those who might not know, Whisky is a cigar lounge. It also stinks for other reasons.

      2. thanks for the suggestions! Barmacie & Whisky sound great.

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          For innovative cocktails, right at Bernard and St-Urbain there is L'assommoir. I'm not sure there's anywhere in Montreal with more of a selection - really creative mixology going on there!

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            One note: Apparently L'Assomoir never had a bar license and since the recent city crackdown is only serving alcohol to patrons who order food.

            We tried getting in last Saturday night and the wait for a table was one hour.

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              Abendschein & Snackhappy- thanks for the tips!

        2. Le Lab on Rachel has some very, very innovative cocktails and when I've been there's always been groups of 35+ people. Not quite walking distance of Lemeac tho. The staff are welcoming and the environment is classy and not too loud.