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May 8, 2009 03:24 PM

Great restaurant near Porte Maillot Metro On Sunday?

Hi Chowhounds – Any recommendations for a great place to eat near Porte Maillot metro on Sunday evening? We are staying at the Hotel Concorde (edge of 17e) and have an early flight. My husband wants to eat nearby and go to sleep. I want to go to Le Petit Pontoise which gets great reviews from board and is open on Sundays. If it helps to get a sense of places we like, we plan on going to Chez Michel, Chez Renee, Chez Dumonet, Les Itineraires, L’Ami Jean, Aux Lyonnais, and L’Atleir Robuchon. Thanks for your help!

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  1. L'entredgeu, Chez Georges, La Table de Joel Robuchon, le Gourmet des Ternes, Jarrasse, le Bistrot d'à Côté Neuilly, La Grande Cascade

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      Thanks Souphie for your reply (and for your generous contribution to this site - I've learned a lot from your responses).

      I've researched the list you provided and L'entredgeu and le Gourmet des Ternes sound most attractive. Do you prefer one over the other? Also, are you referring to the le Gourmet des Ternes on boulevard de Courcelles? Because if so, the website indicates it is open monday through friday. - Thanks

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        Sorry. Indeed Le Gourmet and l'Entredgeu are closed on sundays. Not the others, though.

      2. You have chosen a fine list of Bistrots etc; why not opt for something different on your last night? Maybe a classic brasserie like Le Ballon des Ternes. I'd be feeling quite "stuffed" by that time; no need to order a full three course meal at a brasserie.

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          Following on that theme, two other recommendations. "Le Relais de Venise" (271 Boulevard Pereire, Porte-Maillot) is the other steak frites restaurant that only serves steak frites. I think they dispute who was first and who is best. It is very popular and you don't book simply stand in the fast moving line. It was our regular on Sunday nights when we stayed at Le Meridian (next door to your hotel).

          Across the big Port Maillot roundabout, which has the metro underneath, there is a large, very traditional, brasserie: L'Auberge Dab (161 Avenue Malakoff) it is pretty good, not worth a trip across town but good for the neighbourhood.

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            True. While we're at it, there's Sebillon, the gigot specialist, on the Neuilly side, and, nest to DAB on avenue Malakoff, is la Villa Corse, very typical of the "new brasserie/lounge" style created by the costs. Food is pretty good at la Villa Corse. But DAB, last I checked, had the "éclair géant".

            And, on the fine dining side, there's also Ducasse's "Relais du Parc" where you can have expensive coquillettes.

            Also, speaking of Joséphine Chez Dumonet, let me share a secret with you guys: they have Doisy-Daësne 1969 for 85€. Dont' tell anyone, I really, really like it and I'm sure the stocks are limited. Who wants whole bottles of Sauternes anyway?

            1. re: souphie

              Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful suggestions. Looks like there will be a wealth of choices in the area and no need to trek across town for the final meal in Paris.

              On a related note, can anyone recommend a nearby patisserie and/or fresh food store at which we can buy our breakfast and lunch fixings in the morning for our long trip home. (Just basics like croissants, bread, cheese, and cold cuts.) Unfortunately, our hotel won't provide a fridge (we asked, darn!) so I can't shop the day beforehand. Thank you! -- Kim

              1. re: Ingrid Ingrid

                The most convienient place (and it is open on Sunday) is under the convention centre. There is a Paul and quite a good upmarket supermarket which has deli counters for cheese and meat plus juices and yoghurt.

                Alternatively head along Avenue des Ternes (turn right at the front of your hotel) until you get to "rue Poncelet" which is off to the left after an approx 1km walk. This is a little market street with very good food shops (esp Alleosse for cheese) and some nice cafes to sit outside.

                1. re: PhilD

                  Second that. You want to get to the Poncelet market. The Lebon market, closer, is also pretty good. It has an excellent bakery called "La Fleur d'Oranger" which is unfortunately closed on sundays. But if you're around on saturday, don't miss their croissants, kougloffs.