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May 8, 2009 02:47 PM

The Harrison- Best dishes?

Going to the Harrison tonight, and wondering if anyone has favorite dishes there. Thanks.

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  1. Haven't made it to the Harrison yet but apparently their duck fat fries are legendary!

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    1. re: now_me_hungry

      the duckfat fries are good, not legendary. The fish is good

    2. Pork chop with side of Orzo with truffle oil and broccoli rabe. The chicken is really good too (even if you don't normally order chicken when in a restaurant).

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      1. re: mcporkbun

        My mom and I just ate here about a month ago. I definately suggest the fried troutlings for a starter, the salmon is great (the broth is fantastic), and the olive oil poached cod is also really delicious. If you get dessert, I suggest the sticky toffee pudding, yummy.

      2. Thanks everyone. We had a yummy dinner with wonderful service. Both artichoke salad and crispy shrimp apps were tasty. The lamb entree was wonderful. My husband had a special. The cod entree sounded very good, except that I don't love cod...

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        1. re: ejpnyc

          Thanks for reporting back, ejpnyc. We haven't been in over a year and maybe it's time for us to give it another try . . .