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May 8, 2009 01:55 PM

Four Seasons Restaurant

What is the latest take on this classic restaurant?

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  1. Been there about 4 times and every time was a nice experience. Good food, great service and atmosphere. Make sure to sit in the pool room.

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    1. re: taboo

      Thanks, we are going there this Saturday.

      1. re: TeamPhilly

        This place is known more for its history and its design than for its food. I personally wouldn't spend much there.

        1. re: TeamPhilly

          Its all about the lunch scene at the seasons. Having had several lunches theres, but only dinner once if memory serves me. The food is well put together and the wine list is great.

      2. It is delicious, definitely go and don't think twice about it. It's definitely a MUST in NYC.

        1. It will be a very memorable meal. Make sure you sit in the pool room and ask for the cotton candy at the end! Love the Dover SOle and the bread!
          Great service, great food, a little steep on the wallet but all in all a fun night!

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            Totally agree with "apples"...the sole is great and yum for the cotton candy at the end.

          2. The Pool Room is still a great space (although definitely of its time), service is very good, and the farmhouse duck, carved tableside, is definitely worth considering.

            1. Food is good, lovely ambiance and amazing service- all in all, a lovely dining experience

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              1. re: heinlein42

                Wall Street Journal just ran a lovely story about a recent roast there of the two owners (a quote was "they made 17 million last year and that was just on the crabcakes"). Anyway, I love the Four Seasons, everything from the Johnson/van de Rohe design, to the food, and the service has a special New York vibe to it. Enjoy!

                1. re: bronwen

                  Thanks for all the feedback. We went there last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only glitch in service was that the appetizer arrived beofre the wine so we had them hold off the appetizer and find our bottle already. They made up for that by giving us two full desserts when we had ordered only one to split.
                  We went here because they were celebrating their 50th birthday the same time as my wife. The have a special $59 three course dinner but we ended up ordering off the main menu so we could get the duck for two. It is carved tableside and lived up to its reputation. My wife said it is the best duck she has had since a trip to China 4 years ago. The skin is very crispy with all the fat seemingly melted away yet it was so tender and moist.
                  A word to the restaurant. They should mention that the lobster dumpling also have scallops in them. We asked the waiter if there was any other shellfish due to a food allergy. when he checked he found out about the scallops. If my wife had tried some of the dumplings it would have ended up being a very unpleasant evening for her.
                  The service was refined but not stuffy at all. This was our first time here and it was a truly memorable evening. Now we will go back to our usual hobby of finding down and dirty undiscovered places.

                2. re: heinlein42

                  the wine list was always amazing ,, It is the place they go to , to recork the Romanee Conti that is the most expensive auctioned wine.