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May 8, 2009 01:54 PM

ISO upscale, healthy but delicious restaurants in Montreal

I'm planning to bring relatives from California to Montreal for 2 days and 2 nights in June.

The only restaurant I can think of off the top of my head is Milos. Are there any other restaurants that you'd consider health conscious, but with a distinctly Montreal character, open for either lunch or dinner?

Are the portions at Toque on the light side?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I think Milos is closed, if it's the one on Parc.
    What is healthy for your relatives?

    When I came back from California I didn't eat out much - had to cook to get what I was used to. Au Pied du Cochon now fits in the healthy category :)

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    1. re: marblebag

      Milos is still open.

      I sort of agree with marblebag...your relatives can eat as healthy as they want when they get back to California. Montreal is best for artery corroding goodies. Fill them up with Picard's Poutine au Foie Gras at APDC and Schwartz's smoked meat and let them recover when they get home.

      Milos is indeed excellent but they can get all the grilled fish that they want in CA.......

      1. re: eat2much

        I was planning to take them to APDC and Schwartz's already, so I wanted to plan at least one healthy meal to balance out the system...

        While I realize they can get grilled fish in CA, it's hard to find kakavia in CA- and the one at Milos is pretty amazing :) And Milos is much, much better than any Greek restaurants I have access to in Ontario. And if we go to Milos, I can take them for a frappe on Parc either before or after the meal!

        1. re: eat2much

          No wonder my query about vegetarian friendly places got no replies. Makes sense.

          So glad to learn that Cafe Santropol is still alive and kicking. That was brand new when I lived there!!!

        2. re: marblebag

          I guess by healthy, I'm thinking fish/poultry/lentils/vegetables/salads/olive oil. No poutine or cretons:)

        3. For something casual and on the healthy side:

          Café Santropol - - beautiful garden in the back.
          Fuschia Epicerie Fleur- - haven't been but have heard good things

          And what about Alep / Petit Alep for some relatively healthy Middle Eastern fare?
          191 rue Jean-Talon Est, 514-270-9361

          Edit: for some reason I missed the word "upscale" in your post title! I don't think Santropol or Fuschia would be considered upscale so I don't want to lead you astray - I apologize. :-)

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          1. re: kpzoo

            thank you for the suggestions- I love Middle Eastern food!
            And good to hear that Santropol has a garden in the back.
            I don't mind if they're not upscale- just healthy and delicious work for me, too.

          2. Ferreira could fit the bill as "healthy" but upscale and delicious

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            1. re: westaust

              Thanks westaust- I hoped to try Ferreira on a past visit, but we were unable to get a last minute reservation. Might do that since good Portuguese isn't that common in the Bay Area. What do you like on their menu the most?

              1. re: phoenikia

                When I lived in Mountain View there was little access to affordable Mediterranean fare. Evvia is good but it's an arm and a leg.

                For Greek in Montreal I like Le Parthenon on Van Horne / Cote des Neiges ( For Portuguese I like Jano on St-Laurent (

              2. re: westaust

                I had a chance to try Ferreira this week, and I loved it!

                Superb tomato, arugula and fresh cheese salad, followed by perfectly grilled Dourade (aka Porgy aka Sea Bream aka Tsipoura) with orzo, and warm pasteis de nata served with caramel ice cream.

                Friendly service, nice atmosphere, and delicious food. And a happy vibe. My new favourite in downtown Montreal! Thanks for recommending it!

                Will be returning to Milos in a couple weeks- will be interesting see how my next meal at Milos compares with this recent meal at Ferreira.

              3. One of my favorite restaurants in Montreal is Pinxtos on Roy, between St-Laurent and St-Denis. Every single time I have been there, I have been impressed by the presentation, tastes and excellent wine menu in this tapas restaurant. The tasting menu is always a hit and is very reasonably priced. The main courses are generous but if you want the full-on gastronomic pleasure, choose several pinxtos and your tastebuds will de delighted. Very healthy in my opinion.
                As for Ferreira Cafe on Peel, it is fabulous, if but a bit $$$. Worth the splurge! One of the best seafood restos in Montreal. I also like little ol' Chez l'Epicier, in Old Montreal. I always seem to end up there when I have guests in town. French and consistent. May not fully fit the "healthy" request if you consider there's always foie gras, creme brulee and other delicacies like that on the menu.....

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                1. re: tacotete

                  Thanks tacotete. I had noticed Pintxo (edited)- good to hear that it's impressive. I've added it to my shortlist!

                  And thanks for the rec of Chez l'Epicier in Old Montreal- will keep it in mind. Anytime I've winged it in Old Montreal, I've been somewhat disappointed, so it's good to be prepared.

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    For the search engine, the restaurant's name is Pintxo.

                    1. re: carswell


                      Chez L'épicier Restaurant Bar à Vin
                      311 St Paul E, Montreal, QC H2Y1H3, CA

                      Restaurant El Pintxo
                      256 Rue Roy E, Montreal, QC H2W1M6, CA

                      Ferreira Cafe
                      1446 Peel, Montreal, QC H3A 1S8, CA

                      1. re: carswell

                        had contact with a cardiologist recently and he said salt is the killer so what restaurants are light with salt, maybe the raw food restaurant or if lot of fresh veggies and fruits on plates, and perhaps simple fish dishes, otherwise hidden salt may deceive you in thinking you are eating healthy, in fact homecooked where you know salt level is definitely the healthiest!

                        1. re: wilmagrace

                          Plenty of components make up "healthy" - but if sodium is something the OP wanted to avoid, Pintxo is an excellent recommendation. A lot of the seasoning is acid based (sherry vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) instead of being heavy on the salt. Of course, acids cover up salty tastes too.. but... it's delicious ;)

                  2. Visiting again, and still looking for healthy & delicious options in Mtl.

                    Are Restaurant El Pintxo & Le Petit Alep still strong contenders for healthy & delicious food?

                    Are there any restaurants not already mentioned in this thread, that you'd recommend specifically for salads or lower salt options?

                    Petit Alep (Le)
                    191 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S8, CA

                    fuchsia epicerie fleur
                    4050 Avenue Coloniale, Montreal, QC H2W, CA

                    Restaurant El Pintxo
                    256 Rue Roy E, Montreal, QC H2W1M6, CA

                    Ferreira Cafe
                    1446 Peel, Montreal, QC H3A 1S8, CA

                    Estiatorio Milos- Montreal
                    5357 Park Ave, Montreal, QC H2V 4G9, CA

                    Restaurant Jano
                    3883 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1X9, CA

                    Parthenon Souvlaki Rotisserie
                    3543 Av Van Horne, Montreal, QC H3S1R7, CA

                    3990 Rue Saint Urbain, Montreal, QC H2W 1T8, CA