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May 8, 2009 01:54 PM

Phx- Ground Control coffee/wine/gelato

Ground Control. 1/3 coffee shop, 1/3 wine bar, and 1/3 gelato spot

My husband and I made a trip to Ground Control last Saturday night. The place was pretty empty for 7:30 on a Saturday night but that slowly changed as the band began to play. (Ground Countrol has live music on Fridays and Saturdays from 8-11)

Along with the wine list Ground Control also has over 80 bottles of beer available.

We decided to do some sharing and got the 3 serving cheese plate: extra sharp gouda, havarti and kasseri. The cheeses were accompanied by some delicious chopped green olives , sweetened walnuts and dried mango slices. And also the French dip sandwich; roast beef; provolone and au jus.

All of the coffee is roasted in house and available by the pound.

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  1. I was there on the 7th of Nov, and I have never gotten worse serivce any where in my life. The owner of the establishment was tending the back bar where my friend and I sat. It was over 5 minutes before he realized we were staring at him cause we wanted a drink. He has a a wine menu of over 400 wines, but one one wine listed is by the glass. So you don't know what to order. His about 4 year old kid was a sleep at the bar at 9:30 at night. We were never offered a food menu. And when it came to ordering another round, he was too busy going over his ordering list, (one seat over from me) to realize that after 10 minutes that our glasses were empty. If the person behind the bar was hired help I woulnd be a upset with how we were treated, but seeing that the OWNER of the place doesn't believe in good service I will never step foot in there again!!! I have never felt so insulted. The wine was very good but the the price of the service was not worth my time or money.

    Ground Control
    14140 W Indian School Rd Ste B1, Goodyear, AZ 85395

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      I don't intend this to sound in any way defensive, but I just hope to offer a little perspective. "Double" Rassas is a reserve pilot flying continuous man-days at Luke Air Force base. It means he's working a 9-5 job, serving his country, and he operates Ground Control in his off-hours. His wife is there during the day. When you have as many children as they do, trying to keep their cafe going in this economic climate takes all of their non-sleeping hours, and as most parents can probably attest to -- sometimes there's an emergency or an illness, and there is no sitter, and you just have to make do.

      I cannot speak for him, but I am sure if you went in and explained your previous disappointment, he would bend over backwards making it up to your party. He's very passionate about wines and coffees and cheeses -- it is worth engaging him in conversation. He is very likely to crack something from his cellar or blend you a batch of fresh-roasted beans that he can tailor very closely to any taste you can articulate.

      I know him only peripherally, but I have a ton of respect for the guy and how hard he works.

      Ground Control
      14140 W Indian School Rd Ste B1, Goodyear, AZ 85395