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May 8, 2009 01:23 PM

Has anyone tried Capo in Santa Monica

I have heard good and bad things about it. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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  1. very good fire grilled meats. awesome wine list but mark up is huge.

    expensive, perfect for an expense account.

    1. Very very good and very very expensive.

      1. Yummy food but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced for what you get i.e. simple bowl of pureed asparagus soup is $20 something

        1. Expense account only. Didn't find the food that stellar (was served cold lamb chops) except for the appetizers (crab cake, pastas).

          Wine list and corkage policy? A total joke.

          1. looks like i'm in the minority - but it's expensive and not worth it. i find that their cuts of meat are just incredibly black charred on the outside and raw on the inside from their oven. i order meat rare and got a steak that was just black on the outside and red in the middle. the red was fine - but the burn overtook any flavor. i sent it back, explained the situation and received the same thing in return (not sure if it was the same steak - but it had the same problem). my husband ordered lamb chops the same way and they suffered the same demise. we just gave up and gave it to friends to take home for the dogs.

            everything else we ordered was good - nothing memorable, but solid. the prices were just crazy for what it was though.

            it's a pretty space, and service was great -- but i've never recommended it and never will.