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May 8, 2009 01:22 PM

Good eating in Indian Rocks?

Hi all. I'm vacationing in Indian Rocks the week of Memorial Day with my family. Hub and I are very big foodies and want to hit up the best the area has to offer. My family lives in Tampa and, sadly, frequents Panera. I am not relying on their suggestions.

So far, my list of places to visit includes:
-conch republic grill
-cafe de paris
-pj's oysters
-keegan's - have heard mixed things/new ownership/was on diners, drive-ins, dives
-lighthouse donuts
-salt rock grill
-dockside dave's

What else would you suggest, especially holes-in-the-wall, breakfast/diner spots, or ice cream places? And what do you recommend ordering? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've tried everything on your list (many on multiple occasions) and you have some good choices there, although PJ's and Dockside Daves never rocked my world. I would add La Cachette De La Plage (in my opinion, it's the best kept secret on Indian Rocks Beach). Very good French cuisine in a romantic atmosphere...and here's the best's a BYOB with no corkage fee!

    Also, if you like Thai, there's a lovely little place a couple of miles south on North Redington Beach called Talay Thai. Very economical and delish...the crab soup is amazing!

    For breakfast, if you can stand to wait in line (weekdays are less painful), try The Frog Pond on North Redington Beach.

    1. All of those option are great!

      Try the wings at PJ's or the fish spread, those are the only things really great there.
      Dockside Daves is known for their grouper sandwich so thats always good too.
      Keegans has definitely switched hands and is not nearly as good as it used to be.

      Another good Thai place is Thai-Am 2 by John's Pass.

      Frog Pond is delicious so don't miss that!

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        >>Keegans has definitely switched hands and is not nearly as good as it used to be.<<

        Just saw the show about Keegans on the Food Channel yesterday. The owners in the store aren't the current owners?????????? Yikes.. I wonder how old the show was??

      2. All good spots, Salt Rock Grill is excellent, but pricey. It's on the intercoastal and has outside seating on the water. Sit outside if possible, cause the inside is very noisy.
        PJ's is my fave for simple stuff
        You also should add The Lobster Pot, South in Madera Bch. It's small, expensive and excellent.