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May 8, 2009 01:04 PM

Visiting Natives need recs for Bklyn SI & Queens

We are two native New Yorkers, living for some time in San Francisco, returning to our hometown to take it all in.

We will be staying with friends in Queens for a few days and would like to take them out to some interesting restaurants (we have eaten at elias and uncle george). Any recs for great Italian or Greek food in Flushing, Bayside, Astoria or Long Island City (or any place in Queens for that matter). We might go out for a Chinese dinner in Flushing, so recs on a place for 4 people, authentic and local would be appreciated. Though SF has great Chinese food, it is limited in its selection of regional diversity re Chinese cuisine.

It is also possible we might hit the Bronx for an Italian meal. In the past we have eaten at Dominic's and it was great (abt. 15 yrs ago) so if there is somewhere absolutely fabulous and reasonable (no more than $40 per person inc. wine) we would love to take them there.

Additionally, we will be in SI for a memorial service and would like recs for a good restaurant, Italian or seafood, in the generally vinicity of Ward Hill and or the ferry to Manhattan.

Finally, I will be in Bklyn Hgts. with a friend. Any recs for dinner in the area? Many, many years ago, probably the mid 60s, my parents took me to a restaurant called Queen Pizzaria. It was in downtown Bklyn. It was a regular pizza parlor in the front and in the back, a simple formica tabled restaurant serving amazing, for the time, very different Italian food. The chicken francaise was a revelation as was the greens with olive oil and garlic (I know, this is standard fare now, but believe me it was not then). I would love to go back there, if indeed, it still exists and if it is still very good.

Anyway, recs for Bklyn Hgts please, info about Queen Restaurant and if there is a good breakfast place in the vicinity (not fancy and yes local), that would be great.

Thanks in advance, and I will report back on my trip.l

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  1. We like Kyclades (Greek) in Astoria.

    1. For your Staten Island meal, the only Italian I know of near Ward Hill is Enoteca Maria on Hyatt St., right by the St. George Theater in St. George. Might be dinner only. (?)

      Too bad you don't want Indian. Great south Indian food at Dosa Garden, Victory near Cebra, close to Ward Hill.

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      1. Il Toscano in Douglaston, GREAT italian!

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          Queen is still there on Court Street. I remember what you are talking about in the 70's it was a pizzeria and the restaurant was in the back. Now it is a very good Italian restaurant. No pizza in the front though.

        2. In reverse order:

          Breakfast in Bklyn Heights = Teresa's on Montegue St. Inexpensive Polish place with the usual eggs, etc but also with great blintzes and other stuff.

          Queen moved one block away from where they were on Court St and lost the pizza place in the transition (10 or more years ago). The sons took over the restaurant and its still a very solid place to eat. We live 3 blocks away and eat there pretty often. The general area is now full of places to eat but, specifically in Brooklyn Heights, Henry's End is the other longstanding great place. We were there this past weekend and soft shell crabs are on the menu... well worth going. Noodle Pudding is also very nice and is next door to H.End. It's Italian, but less old school than Queen.

          In Flushing, go to Spicy and Tasty. It has a great array of excellent Szechuan dishes, both apps and mains. In Queens, the current stand-outs for me are Sripraphai for Thai food (see lots of threads/posts on this place), Kebab Cafe in Astoria for very interesting off the menu stuff (ask Ali to tell you what he can make for you... dont bother with the menu, it's tourist bait) and, for Greek in Astoria, my current places are Agnandi (rooster and the traditional apps) & Taverna Kyclades for fresh grilled fish. In my opinion, Elias' Corner is way over it's prime and Uncle George is basically diner food.

          If you want Queen type food in in Queens, there are several places that still exist: I'd recommend Parkside or Manducatis.

          Have a nice visit.

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            1. greek in astoria: philoxenia on 34th ave and 32nd street

              sichuan in flushing: spicy and tasty

              thai in elmhurst:: ayada