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May 8, 2009 01:03 PM

Crabs and Jewish Food

I am aware that these two things don't quite go together. But I am looking for both the best crabs in the area (is Cantler's still the best??) as well as the closest place to downtown DC to get good jewish-type of food (herring, white fish, babka etc). I have been going to Wegman,s but wondering if there is a secret haven of this type of food in the city that I am unaware of. Any advice??

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  1. There is Kosher Mart and a number of other places up in Silver Spring/Rockville that have jewish-type food. But if you are close to Wegmans, its your best option. There isn't anything here of note like one could find in NY or South Florida.

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    1. re: Adam23

      Kosher Mart in Rockville is gross - horribly dirty.

      I thought I read about some Jewish-style deli in Silver Spring...maybe someone can give the name.

      Wegmans is where we get my boyfriend's lox when we can. love that place.

      1. re: Jeserf

        There is nowhere in downtown DC that has good jewish food. period.

        The place out in Silver Spring is called Parkway Deli.

        1. re: skiwebster

          In addition to Parkway Deli, which is fine, there is Max's in Silver Spring (a more or less full service restaurant with the best falafel and schwarma) which is right next to Shalom, a kosher supermarket which has its own bakery. There are several places in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center including Shaul's, another kosher market, and 2 kosher restaurants including a "gourmet" kosher bakery. If kosher is not critical, there also is Pumpernickles in Olney on Rt 108, and the Woodside Deli on Georgia Avenue. Truth is that for simple things like lox, etc., in addition to Wegman's (which is the best), you could go to a Harris and Teeter or even a Giant. Most bagel stores also carry lox and kosher-style salads.

    2. Try Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown, the best I have had in the area!

      1. My dad and I went to Captain Billy's in Pope's Creek Maryland last weekend and had local crabs. They were medium small but packed with meat and very good. I think they are only Thursday-Sunday but you can check their website.

        1. Isn't/wasn't there a Kosher deli on 19th street NW just North of 'M'?


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            I don't think there's any actual Kosher food in the District proper. 10 years ago there was even a Kosher French restaurant. but no more.

            1. re: hill food

              There actually is a kosher restaurant, Eli's I think, right about where tommyskitchen describes (it might be 20th or maybe New Hampshire if not 19th?) -- it's not a deli, although it does have deli type food, and it's not really very good, but it is kosher if that's what you need.

              1. re: mselectra

                really? I wish I'd known when I worked over there. I always passed on Eli's as it looked kinda haphazard then (about 3 years ago)

                1. re: hill food

                  I've only eaten there once and was not impressed with the food (it actually could have been a couple years ago, I've been losing track of time). I think probably the only reason to go is if you need a kosher lunch -- not a place I'd recommend to the OP who wasn't asking for kosher specifically.

                  1. re: mselectra

                    Thanks I don't need to keep Kosher, although I do think Kosher chicken beats free-range any day in general.

                    1. re: hill food

                      In defense of El's, I've eaten there several times (sticking with the corn beef or pastrami except for one breakfast) and have enjoyed it each time.

                2. re: mselectra

                  Good to know, Thanks - I'll skip it!


            2. crabs: underated place in howard county called Crossroads Pub
              jewish food: Kosher Mart or Shalom Kosher.