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May 8, 2009 12:43 PM

recipe for spring peas and chicken?

I'm not feeling very creative today (suffering a sore throat and all that goes along with it) but want to cook up a quick dinner using some boneless skinless chicken breasts and fresh English peas. I also have some red peppers, green garlic and spring onions on hand.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy dish that I can throw together quickly with these ingredients that does not involve pasta?

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  1. For the boneless breasts -- do you have a Foreman grill or the like? I find that cooking boneless skinless breasts or tenders is a great use for an electric grill. I marinate them for about 15 minutes in lemon, olive oil, herbs de provence and sometimes garlic, and then cook them on the grill and they come out tender and flavorful.

    For your peas, I'd sautee them with butter and mint, if you have it.

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      Nice suggestions, but I don't have an indoor grill and have done the peas with butter and mint already last week so I was hoping for something new. If nothing else pops up, those are good easy suggestions and will just do the chicken in a saute pan :)

    2. what about a chicken parmesean, with pasta and the peas, and an alfredo or clam sauce

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        Nice idea, except that we just had pasta last night so I was looking for something different. Not that there's anything wrong with pasta everynight ;)

        As the day draws on, I am feeling the need for chicken soup to soothe my cold. I think I'll just throw all the ingredients in with a box of stock and call it a day. Thanks for the suggestions.