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May 8, 2009 12:24 PM


I'm looking for a bakery in the Baltimore area that makes beignets. Can anyone help me?

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  1. You're looking in the wrong spot. A bakery would not have a beignet.

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    1. re: justaddwater

      Why not? Where else would you look for them? Maybe you can shed some light.....


      1. re: tommyskitchen

        Beignets are deep fried and made to order. You'd find them either at a coffee shop or at a "Louisiana style" food place. I've never seen them at a bakery.

        1. re: justaddwater

          Black Market Bistro in Garrett Park has them for Sunday brunch, and they are great (although admittedly I grew up about as far from N.O. as you can be).

          1. re: justaddwater

            Justaddwater is so right. The only good beignet is a warm beignet. We were in New Orleans over the weekend and ate these treats at the Mecca for beignets, Cafe du Monde. The portion is three to a serving. The last beignet didn't taste as good as the first beignet.

      2. I know a place in Adams Morgan that has them. Um, there's a restaurant I've never been to in Fells called "Louisiana" that might.

        1. actually, i believe they will be selling them at Bayou Bakery (which opens in June). Unfortunately, they're in Arlington, but they're bound to be authentic since the chef working there is from LA.
          He also posts a recipe online:

          doesn't seem too terribly hard to make -- if you're not willing to schlep into Virginia and wait until June.

          1. I'm not sure you would want to buy a beignet from a bakery. A beignet is in the same category as funnel cake. It needs to be fresh - just a minute or two out of the deep fryer - in order to be any good.

            I've been to local New Orleans-style sitdown restaurants that make beignets. They're also not very hard to make. (Essentially fried dough with some sugar sprinkled on them.)