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May 8, 2009 12:19 PM

Table 8

Has anyone been to this spot in the new Cooper Square hotel?

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  1. My wife and I ate at Table 8 with some friends last night. The food was really good. We had the softshell crab and shrimp starters and the lamb, pasta with riccota, and tile fish mains. I think we had one of each deserts. I loved my crab -- fried and very crisp. My wife could have eaten another shrimp starter and been very happy. Deserts were ok -- nothing really interesting and I'd not order them again. Service was a little disorganized, but better than most places a couple days old. Noise level was pretty high. My only big complaint was wine we had at the bar. $16 a glass for for the smallest pour I have every seen was a rip off. I was prepared for a very expensive wine list -- but was pleasantly surprised to see decent bottles under $50. The two seemed contradictory. I would go back, but avoid the bar and pass on the deserts.