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May 8, 2009 12:17 PM

Estilo Chihuahua en Denver

Hello Everyone!

I'm on a quest for some good Norteno food from Mexico. I've been all over this town (Denver) and have found great food from all over Mexico, but I haven't found any that I'm thrilled about from the northern area.

I need some true regional cooking; homemade tortillas de harina de trigo, machaca, carne con chile rojo, etc. I realize it's not the most diverse or exciting of Mexico's regions when it comes to food, it is cattle country, after all. But them's my roots, and I need my fix.

There are so many immigrants from Chihuahua and Durango here, you'd think there would be some good places. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Before conducting a survey on Federal, I think I'll check in with you.

Eagerly awaiting,


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  1. A new Mexican restaurant just opened on east colfax called Durango's. It is at 8135 E. Colfax . May have some of what you are looking for. Pretty diverse menu.

    I just had a great pozole there and remembered this post from a while back. I will definitly be going back to try some other items. Also, very friendly staff.

    1. In Boulder:......
      The restaurant "Pupusas" on north Broad way, about 4600 block, is owned and operated
      by an extended family of Chihuahuaences. The food is very authentic.

      1. Nice recommendations! I'm excited to check these places out; I'll let you all know what I found.

        1. You know Chihuahuan food... I don't... but I do know that I love the machaca (and everything else I've had) at Carniceria Y Taqueria La Hacienda on Evans right next to I-25. The owner blurb says it's Chihuahua style food. I won't vouch that it's authentic of anything as I'm hopelessly gringo but I know I love it.


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            I've wondered about that place! Good to know.