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May 8, 2009 11:49 AM

Schneider's resto-- Avon

Drive by this place all the time but never have eaten there. It is a German resto. Anyone been there to comment on it?

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  1. Barb - Although I've never been, I've heard that the ice cream is very good and is a main draw. It's been on my "try when I get around to it" list for a while. If you go please let us know.

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      Bugut1, If you do decide to try it be sure to watch them when they pack it and make sure that they weigh the container, otherwise you will be short changed. The quality is good but not anything to rave about. As I have posted before, Day's in Ocean grove sells Double Rainbow which is in a league of its own - superior to Schneiders and anything else at the Jersey shore...

    2. Haven't been in many, many years and only for desserts and ice cream which at the time were good.